Oddworld Soulstorm | Guide to the game's endings

Oddworld Soulstorm | Guide to the game's endings

Oddworld Soulstorm made its debut on PlayStation and PC consoles on April 6, bringing to mind fans of Lorne Lanning's creature how difficult it was to save a handful of Mudokons scattered here and there. In fact, Abe's new adventure offers four different endings, all conveyed by the Quarma, that is a unit of measurement that will define the protagonist's morale.

We warn you that in this guide there will be spoilers, albeit in minimal form , we therefore recommend that you read it once you have completed your first run in Oddworld Soulstorm. Furthermore, obtaining the Platinum trophy on PlayStation consoles is directly linked to achieving at least two of the endings available in the game. However, there is no doubt that the new level system implemented with Oddworld Soulstorm is less punitive than in the past, allowing the player to improve their results without necessarily starting the adventure from the beginning in case you miss a goal.

To unlock the four Oddworld Soulstorm endings you will need to save a percentage of Mudokon in each of the 17 game levels. Here are the requirements to be able to obtain the different epilogues:

Worst ending: 80% of the Mudokons were saved in just six levels of play or less. Bad ending: 80% of the Mudokons were saved between seven and eleven levels of play. Good ending: 80% of the Mudokons were saved in 12 levels or more. This will allow you to unlock the last two secret stages. Best Ending: 80% of the Mudokons were saved in all 17 levels of Oddworld Soulstorm As we mentioned earlier, Oddworld Soulstorm has a level system that is less punishing than previous games. Being able to select each previously completed level at will will allow the player to manage the game progress in the best possible way, deciding which of the four endings to see first.

For those who aspire to "platinum" Oddworld Soulstorm, it will be necessary get two trophies: "As it was predicted" and "But which side are you on?" which will specifically require saving, or condemning, the Mudokons by achieving the best and worst ending of the game respectively. Finally, we advise you to make the most of the checkpoints during your rescue operations, relaying between two checkpoints while asking the Mudokons who follow you to wait in a safe position, you can constantly have a "save point" that allows you to correcting your actions if something goes wrong. It is undoubtedly a slower system and, basically, tedious but the result is guaranteed.

Finally, we remind you that to save the progress of the levels of Oddworld Soulstorm that you decide to replay, you will absolutely have to complete them if not the new ones progress (whether positive or negative) will not be saved, as well as you will be prevented from obtaining the various associated trophies.

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