Vodafone uses 5G for augmented reality maintenance of railways

Vodafone uses 5G for augmented reality maintenance of railways

The project with Ferrovie Nord. Technicians can view 3D procedures and manuals in augmented reality and receive remote expert support

Vodafone 5G (photo: Oliver Berg / picture alliance via Getty Images) Assisted maintenance thanks to augmented reality. This is Vodafone Business' first 5G commercial solution, created with Ferrovie Nord. Objective: to allow operators in the field to work with greater safety and efficiency, thanks to the potential of the latest generation network. "The Vodafone 5G Assisted Maintenance solution allows you to raise the safety levels of maintenance operations on the railway infrastructure and increase their efficiency, reducing the duration of interventions and minimizing errors thanks to augmented reality and the support of highly specialized technicians, from remote and in real time “, let the two companies know in a note.

There are two ingredients of 5G that make the difference: ultra-broadband and very low latency. In this way, maintenance workers working along the electrical equipment of the railway network of the company serving Lombardy can view 3D procedures and manuals in augmented reality and receive remote expert support thanks to 5G video calls, in high definition and in real time. All via a simple app on the technician's 5G smartphone, which allows you to frame objects and view the procedures for carrying out and guided interventions through augmented reality. By exploiting the potential of the Vodafone Edge Cloud, the same app allows the expert to video call the operator and remotely view - in high definition and with millisecond latency - what is displayed by the technician in the field, as if he were next to him, and to design or insert additional elements to give the best possible support to the maintenance technician.

For Giorgio Migliarina, director of Vodafone Business, "the assisted maintenance solution with augmented reality demonstrates the potential of 5G for the evolution not only of the transport sector but of all those sectors where the management of products and equipment in the field is important, as well as for all companies that offer maintenance services with their own technical forces distributed throughout the territory ".

While Enrico Bellavita, general manager of Ferrovie Nord, explains that the project" is an example of how we are investing in innovation to improve, speed up and make maintenance interventions safer for our operators. We look to the future with the awareness that technology is becoming more and more a habitual working tool, thanks to which, day after day, we can find efficient solutions to real problems. The ultimate goal is always the same and that is to improve the service we offer to people who travel on our network ".

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