The nft craze also infects the New York Stock Exchange

The nft craze also infects the New York Stock Exchange

Wall Street dedicates six non-fungible tokens that represent the first trading of as many stocks. Expectations are growing for Coinbase's debut at Nasdaq

Wall street, New York (Getty Images) The craze for non-fungible tokens also affects the New York Stock Exchange, which forged six nft to commemorate the first exchange famous, related to the tech world. They are ten-second videos celebrating Spotify's first trade, the first direct listing ever, Snowflake the largest in the software sector, Unity, DoorDash, Roblox and Coupang, "South Korea's Amazon", so far the most grande del 2021.

The images in digital graphics depict the traditional ringing of the bell of the CEO who starts the negotiations, showing the string of alphanumeric characters typical of the specific "first trade", which rarely enjoys of a lot of visibility in a trading center that in its busiest days manages to manage 350 billion orders.

NYSE First Trade #NFT: @Spotify ūüé∂ First trade on 4.3.18. Tap the link in our bio to view all NYSE First Trade NFTs.

- NYSE ūüŹõ (@NYSE) April 12, 2021

Each market exchange is usually stored on the Stock Exchange's digital register, the the most famous centralized financial market institution in the world that has thus chosen the decentralized technology par excellence guaranteed by the blockchain, to celebrate the topical moments of its history. “We like to celebrate at the New York Stock Exchange,” says president Stacey Cunningham. "It seemed appropriate to us to launch our First Trade nft as a fun new way to mark the moment when a company joins NYSE." Apparently these NFTs are not intended for sale, but have been given away to their respective companies, according to CoinDesk.

The videos are hosted on the Borsa portal, in a page dedicated to nft. "We start with these six, but we know there will be many more on the way as we continue to welcome innovative new companies to our community," the institution explains. However, they can also be found on, which inaugurated a section dedicated to "nifties" on March 26. The Hong Kong-based invitation platform would then have provided the technology needed to process the NFTs of the New York Stock Exchange, which joins a club of supporters of these tokens alongside artists such as Snoop Dogg, Lionel Ritchie and Boy George.

Meanwhile, New York is preparing for Coinbase's stock market debut. The largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world has received SEC approval and will go public with a direct listing on the Nasdaq on April 14, allowing current shareholders to sell 115 million common shares without creating new ones. The valuation of the company founded by Brian Armstrong, 1.8 billion in revenues in the first quarter of 2021 (190 million dollars a year ago) and 56 million verified users, has already reached 68 billion dollars in private trading, explains CNBC . The companies that manage the Nyse (Intercontinental Exhange) and Nasdaq have a market capitalization of 65 and 25 billion dollars respectively.

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