What are the winning codes of the receipt lottery

What are the winning codes of the receipt lottery

First extraction of the lottery of receipts by the Adm. Here is the list of codes that have won. How to redeem the prize

Shopping receipt Photo by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay The winning codes of the first receipt lottery draw have been drawn. The draw, premiered at 1 pm on the Twitter channel of the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), awarded ten prizes of 100 thousand euros for those who made the purchase related to the extracted code and ten of 20 thousand for sellers who have issued the winning receipt. The total prize pool is 1.2 million euros. These are the winning codes:

🔵Roma - Extracts the 10 winning codes of the monthly #concorso N ° 1 - 2021 of Lottery of Receipts ⬇️ #lotteriadegliscontrini #ADMgov #sogei @Sogei_SpA pic.twitter.com/d0KLxEq2Pq

- Customs and Monopoly Agency-ADM (@AdmGov) March 11, 2021

On the campus of Sogei, General IT Society, in-house of the Ministry of Economy and finance, under the control of a specially appointed commission, the ADM carried out the first computerized drawing of the prize competition launched by the state last February 1 to push digital payments. The result was announced on the ADM website and in the public area of ​​the lottery portal. Winners now have 90 days to claim their prize.

How to collect the prizes

The winnings are notified by certified mail, if the certified email address has been communicated, or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or, again, with a message in the reserved area of ​​the lottery portal. Each user can already access with Spid, electronic identity card or services, and check the purchase receipts that are considered valid for the lottery, the number of virtual tickets generated and the drawings in which you can participate. It is also possible to report merchants who refuse to transpose the lottery code, which each user can generate simply from the tax code.

To collect the prize, which is paid by bank or postal transfer, you must identify yourself within 90 days in the competent Customs office. It is not necessary to keep the receipts, but it will be necessary to "prove that the payment has been made without using cash", explains the Adm, who suggests presenting the current account statement or similar document showing that the purchase was made with electronic payment instruments.

Every euro spent, carried out with electronic payment methods, generates as many virtual tickets. For this reason, their number was much higher than the 17 million valid purchases counted in February for the purposes of the lottery. The ten considerations drawn are linked to the ten buyers, through the lottery code printed at the time of issue and combined with the tax code from the moment of registration.

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