The best Lego Architecture sets | April 2021

The best Lego Architecture sets | April 2021

We are not new to Lego brand proposals and indeed, as you certainly know, we have dedicated a lot of space on our site to the iconic Danish bricks, with news, curiosities and, above all, unmissable deals at discounted prices, in what is a very regular cycle of updates. and which will allow you, as many know by now, to buy old and new Lego sets at the lowest prices on the net.

Read also: The LEGO offers of the week on Amazon In this sense, after the various dedicated articles to the products on offer, we also thought of turning our gaze to the most "furnishing" fringe of the Lego world, or the often mistreated Lego Architecture sets, which offer with an extremely concise style, some of the most memorable buildings and skylines in the world . The nice thing about this particular category of sets is that they must be evaluated by subtraction, unlike any other standard or Technic set.

In fact, where Lego aims at the precise reconstruction of reality, or in the creation of magnificent engineering works, the Architecture sets aim at an aesthetic and constructive synthesis. Few pieces, we would say almost "as little as possible", to reconstruct small and compact sets that, however, give a clear and precise idea of ​​the architectural work to which they refer. A challenge, which is the cornerstone and the charm that distinguishes this line.

So, as is our custom, we have selected for you some sets of this line which, in our opinion, are the best in terms of beauty, availability and quality / price ratio. However, keep in mind that Lego Architecture sets are often among the most sought after sets by collectors, as they tend to go out of production quickly, with a large increase in costs for products that are no longer available. This also means that, in order to make a list of recommended articles, for once we had to turn not only to the official website, but also to retailers such as Amazon where, fortunately, many wonderful creations of the Architecture line are still available. Hand to your wallet then!

The Lego Architecture sets

London Skyline Trafalgar Square The Great Wall Las Vegas Skyline Statue of Liberty Empire State Building Tokyo Skyline The White House

London Skyline

The Architecture set dedicated to London offers a recognizable and beautiful synthesis of the city, headed not only by Big Ben, but also by the famous “London Eye”, the majestic Ferris wheel that runs along the Thames. 468 pieces and 28 centimeters in length to reproduce a very recognizable view of the city of London, represented here also by means of the National Gallery, Nelson's Column and Tower Bridge which, moreover, opens to allow the passage of boats. The set is compact, clean, very, very beautiful and is the third available related to the city of Her Majesty given the existence of the set dedicated to Buckingam Palace (unfortunately out of production, but still available on the secondary market), and the most recent release of the set dedicated to Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square

And since we talked about London and its beauties, it's a must to include in this list also the beautiful set dedicated to Trafalgar Square, available in the Lego catalog for some time, and which in the beauty of its 1197 pieces fully captures the essence of the historic London location. The square, which takes its name from the naval battle of Trafalgar when Lord Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon's fleet in 1805, is one of the tourist hubs of the city, especially because it houses the National Gallery, whose dome dominates the square in the center of which stands Nelson's Column flanked by 4 lions. Both the museum, the column and the two famous fountains of the square and its 4 plinths with sculptures are perfectly represented by this set which, moreover, even includes minimal details inside the museum, observable on the back of the National Gallery structure. thanks to 3 easily removable walls. A beautiful set, completed by contour details such as trees, street lamps and even 2 London buses and 2 black taxis, in what is an effort of synthesis and design that has rarely been seen in the entire Architecture collection! In a word: unmissable!

The Great Wall

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and underrated sets! In its simplicity, the Great Wall of China set has, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful and cleanest designs in the Achitecture series. The synthesis here is sublime: 550 pieces, for a section of the walls just 27 centimeters long, and designed so that two identical sets can be combined to form a longer section of the wall. Not only that, since obviously the Wall has been partially destroyed by time, the set is built so that some sections can be removed, to make it more realistic. Moreover, the chromatic choice is very beautiful, with that iridescent green that makes the glance exotic and fascinating. Unfortunately the set was withdrawn from the market last year but, fortunately, it is still available on Amazon even six prices have now skyrocketed.

Skyline of Las Vegas

Another set which, unfortunately, was withdrawn from the market at the same time as last year, the set dedicated to the city of Las Vegas takes up a theme very dear to the Architecure line, namely that of metropolitan skylines, thus offering a small view of what are the urban landmarks of some famous cities in the world. In the typical synthesis of the line, this set of just 27 centimeters in length manages to include several buildings that have become famous thanks to the cinema (and not only), of the famous Las Vegas Boulevard South, also known as Las Vegas Strip, including the Bellagio Hotel, the Luxor Hotel, the Encore Hotel, the Stratosphere Tower and the Fremont Street Experience. Obviously, the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” billboard could not be missing, all in just 500 pieces. In short, synthetically beautiful!

The Statue of Liberty

The Lady of New York is perhaps one of the most beautiful and loved ones of the Architecture line even if, unlike others, there is no great synthesis here, and indeed the set enjoys reconstructing the American monument in all its majestic beauty, taking up its colors in a very realistic and appreciable way. The price of almost 100 euros is above the standard of the line but, after all, we are talking about a fairly consistent set: 1685 pieces for over 40 cm in height, which are by no means few. The construction is beautiful and intricate, especially in the base of the statue, which recalls the original architecture by means of a complex shield system. This is the second model dedicated to the city of New York after the highly acclaimed Skyline. Moreover, in the same style, or sets dedicated to specific monuments, we also point out the less appreciated (but not despicable) sets dedicated to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, even if in our opinion the most beautiful of all was the one dedicated to the Fountain. di Trevi di Roma, a beautiful set highly sought after by collectors, unfortunately now out of production and heavily overpriced (when available).

The Empire State Building

It is impossible to mention the city of New York without mentioning another of its iconic buildings: we are obviously talking about the Empire State Building, inaugurated to the public on May 1, 1931 after just a year and a half of construction. , and since then among the timeless icons of the New York sky. This Architecture set, therefore, faithfully reproduces the building, standing out with its 55 cm in height so that, even today, it is the tallest LEGO Architecture model ever built! In the synthesis of its "just" 825 bricks, this replica of the Empire State Building is nevertheless very rich in detail and accurately recreates the symmetrical lines of the 4 curtain walls of the building and the art deco antenna tower. It is a beautiful model in its simplicity, to say the least essential for any collector in love with the city of New York, moreover recalled here not only by the building itself, but also in the small reproduction at the base of the same, portraying Fifth Avenue and the surrounding streets, complete with iconic yellow taxis. Beautiful and not too expensive, it is one of those sets that - certainly - will acquire a certain value if production is not finished.

Tokyo Skyline

Among the latest sets dedicated to the views of the cities of the world to be launched on the market, the Skyline of Tokyo is, as per tradition, a concentrate of aesthetics, essentiality and beauty, being able to count on some small (and wonderful) reproductions of some of the most iconic architectural landmarks of the city to which a small reproduction of the Mount Fuji. To be precise, the set includes the Tokyo Skytree, which is the tallest independent tower in the world, the Tokyo Tower, the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower and the Tokyo Big Sight. The set also includes Chidorigafuchi Park, world famous for its cherry trees, a classic pagoda tower and the Shibuya Crossing. 28 cm high, 27 cm wide and 10 cm deep, this set is made up of 547 pieces and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tributes that the line has developed for the series dedicated to city skylines.

The White House

Among the largest sets ever produced for the Architecture line (right behind the Statue of Liberty), the set dedicated to the White House is an authentic splendor and actually represents a sort of extension, and at the same time revision, of a previous set that the same line had dedicated, in its beginnings, to the very famous American building. Composed of 1483 pieces, this version of the White House reproduces, in fact, not only the main building of the mansion, containing the famous "Oval Office", but also the west wing, the east wing and the connecting arcades of the White House, in addition to the Rose Garden and the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. It is, therefore, a more "extended" version than Lego had already done with the original set (# 21006) and, for this reason, much more pleasant and detailed. 11 cm high, 47 cm wide and 20 cm deep, this set is a perfect tribute to the famous presidential residence and, we are sure, given its complexity and beauty it will soon become one of the most appreciated and sought after sets by collectors.

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