Nintendo: New Lego set with Luigi appeared

Nintendo: New Lego set with Luigi appeared


Last year the Japanese video game company Nintendo and the Danish toy manufacturer Lego started a long-term cooperation. The result of this collaboration are various Lego sets with Super Mario and Co., which can be played using an app on a smartphone or tablet and interactive elements, very similar to how classic Super Mario levels are played in 2D Mario games . The only playable main character so far is Mario himself, but that could change soon.

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Amazon lists new set

It has been suspected for a long time, now there is solid evidence after the update of the Lego Mario app indicated last week: Luigi will appear as the next playable Lego figure and with it another Lego set of its own. The decisive hint comes from Amazon China, where the set with the name "Adventure with Luigi starter set" was listed on a product page for a few hours. In the meantime, however, the entry has been deleted or can no longer be accessed, the link now leads nowhere.

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Release and price

When the entry was still online, in addition to images and the name, a release date and a price were also given. The equivalent of around 60 euros should be due for the Luigi set, the release will be on July 9th, 2021.

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Even more new figures

The product page from China also reveals that, in addition to Luigi, other figures are being added to the Lego Nintendo sets for the first time, for example Bumm Bumm, Bone Gumba and a pink Yoshi. In the following you can see some pictures from the Chinese Amazon product page and you can get an impression of the new Lego set with Luigi, which is supposed to be coming soon.


Source: Nintendolife

Restored Images Show Nintendo's Headquarters As They Existed In 1970

NintendoNintendo's Hanafuda playing cards were printed on large sheets before being cut into individual cards (Image: via @KaihatsuYT)

First founded way back in 1889, Nintendo has now been around for 131 years. The company has unsurprisingly gone through a number of major changes in that time, and a newly-restored set of photographs have given us a fantastic look at life at Nintendo before the likes of Mario and co. even existed.

In the early 1970s, Nintendo was still best-known as a playing cards manufacturer, with experiments in electronic entertainment still in their infancy. In fact, the '70s was a hugely important decade for the company; the '60s saw then-president Hiroshi Yamauchi investing in several unsuccessful new ventures like love hotels, but by the end of the '70s, Nintendo had managed to expand to North America and was on the verge of launching its very first Game & Watch.

The images below, originally from BeforeMario and restored by Twitter user, @KaihatsuYT, show Nintendo's headquarters as they existed back in 1970. The first image shows a panorama shot of the company's main offices, with later pics showing off the inside, including a look at its Hanafuda factory.

The original source for these images, BeforeMario, has even more shots of Nintendo's offices back in the '70s if you're interested in taking a look, although those shots haven't been restored in the same way as the ones shown above.

Pretty fascinating stuff, huh?

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