OlliOlli World: New part of the skateboarding series announced

OlliOlli World: New part of the skateboarding series announced

OlliOlli World

On Wednesday evening, Nintendo put numerous indie games from all over the world in the spotlight at a new Indie World presentation - as the title says. A summary with all the games shown, all releases and information about the titles can be found here. A new announcement of the presentation was OlliOlli World. The third part of the skateboarding series will be released at the end of the year.

Also interesting: The Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced in a brand new color variant!

For all platforms

OlliOlli World will not only be released for the Nintendo Switch, but also for PlayStation 4 and 5, for PC as well as for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S. The skateboarding game by the British indie studio Roll7 (known, for example, for the titles Laser League and Not A Hero) takes you to Radland, where you have to prove your skills as a skateboarder, constantly expand your arsenal of tricks and make skaters and friends challenges from all over the world in procedurally generated levels. A code system should make it possible to share levels online.

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A game for everyone

During your adventure you will also meet the mystical skate gods; OlliOlli World should also offer a bit of story. The press release from Private Division states that the development team attaches particular importance to flow-based gameplay in order to enable the best possible balance between focus and relaxation. "It is open to all players, regardless of whether they want to join the world's elite or just want to enjoy a relaxed platformer game experience." Roll7's claim to the new game is therefore to address the broadest possible base of players.

Screenshots from the game

The exact release date of OlliOlli World is still pending, an announcement trailer has already been published by the publisher, which can be found here. Below you can see a few screenshots from the Switch version of the game, which are also from the publisher Private Division. So you can get a first impression of the game.

Source: Private Division Source: Private Division Source: Private Division Source: Private Division Source: Private Division Source: Private Division Source: PM von Private Division

OlliOlli World grinds onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this winter

Roll 7’s OlliOlli World is heading to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this winter, featuring crazy level design, wacky characters, and all of the tricks the series is known for.Featured in the recent Xbox Wire post, OlliOlli World is the third instalment of the OlliOlli series. You’ll set out with your crew across the island of Radland in search of the Skate Gods and become a legendary skater. With your companions by your side — Suze, Gnarly Mike, Chiffon, and Dad — you’ll be provided with challenges, support, and the power of encouragement. Your journey will take you through many different environments, such as mountain trails and industrial complexes. Just like any skateboarding game worth its salt, the only way to travel is through pure skating style.

OlliOlli World allows you to customise your character with new outfits, tricks, emotes, and board designs so you can always be sure that you’re looking your best. Unlocking skills like powerslides and wallrides can also help you find hidden areas within the levels, offering new ways to travel around the locations. When traversing the game, make sure you’re working on your combo metre to rank higher on the friend and league leaderboards.

“OlliOlli World reflects the uniqueness of skate culture and the community that bonds around skateboarding,” says creative director John Ribbins. “We hope fans enjoy our take on this skate-topia, get hyped when unlocking a new board with a crazy design, or just smile when finding that perfect fit tee that completes you.”Featuring colourful characters with ice cream for hair and muscular talking birds, this is going to an adventure worth remembering. OlliOlli World comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this winter. Will you be kickflipping your way onto the island of Radland? Let us know!

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