Science fiction comics: tips for reading

Science fiction comics: tips for reading

Science fiction comics

Between aliens, alternative universes and space opera, finding a science fiction comic to be passionate about is both easy and risky. But what are the science fiction comics not to be missed? Between great classics of the genre and new sagas, the choice is really wide and able to accommodate the interests of all readers.

As always, answering this question means letting go of suggestions based, mainly, on your own experience. Certainly, indeed, from this list could be missing titles that deserve a place, and if you have any suggestions, after reading the proposals in this list, do not forget that the comments are just for that!

L'Incal Black Science Tales of an imperfect future Xenozoic Tales The Eternal Valerian et Laureline Nathan Never Shangri-La Injection V for Vendetta Descender Judge Dredd The Shadow Planet Outer Darkness Firefly Blackbox Sentient K-11


Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, two thoroughbred artists, create the first chapter of what would become a narrative universe in which the Metabaroni and Tecnopadri would later appear. And to think that it all arose out of the failure of Jodorowky's legendary, titanic attempt to make the first film adaptation of Herbert's Dune.

From that unsuccessful experience, the way of comics got The Long Tomorrow (short story by Dan O'Bannon and Moebius) and, in fact, L'Incal. In this bombastic comic, released in several chapters, the incredible adventure of detective John Difool is told, involved in a war between galactic powers for the possession of the mysterious Incal, gems of inestimable power. Between daring escapes, incredible creatures and struggling philosophies, L’Incal still represents an exciting reading, which seems not to have been affected in the least by the passage of time!

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Black Science

The duo composed of Rick Remender and Mattero Scalera creates one of the most interesting science fiction comics of recent years. Divided into seven volumes, published in Italy by BAO Publishing, Black Science is the perfect incarnation of weird science that escapes control, dragging the scientist Grant McKay to face ups and downs and incredible challenges for a walk through parallel realities and great battles, trying to recompose the own family.

No hero, more meanness than purity of soul, the worlds of Black Science are the theater of betrayal, baseness and careerism, disguised as a desperate search for redemption. Dynamic, fun, with surprising twists and an exciting and overwhelming vision of the sci-fi adventure.

Tales of an imperfect future

Alfonso Font is a master of science fiction storytelling. His collection of short stories, some of which have become more complex narratives, is a parade of excellent ideas that pay homage to traditional, adventurous and social critical science fiction. Strictly in black and white, his drawings are expressive and rich in detail. If you are looking for science fiction comics that represent one of the high points of classic production, Tales of an imperfect future deserves a place of honor in your library

Xenozoic Tales

Older of readers might be an old video game and cartoon called Cadillac & Dinosaurs. It all began when in 1986 Mark Schultz created Xenozoic, a short story for a comic book anthology. The success was such that the following year from the story it passed to the series, with Xenozoic Tales, a black and white comic with a classic cut in the footsteps of Frazetta and Williamson, in which he imagined a future land where human madness caused a great catastrophe. , allowing nature to regain control, making even the gigantic prehistoric reptiles reappear.

The protagonist was Jack Tenrec, gruff mechanic, halfway between the shaman and the man of science in a savage world in which the humanity is trying to find a social balance to survive. The evolution of the series took more and more momentum, with the appearance of political plots that intertwined with the strong ecological message, leading Schultz himself to take a short break to rearrange his ideas. It was 1996, and the hiatus still seems to be in progress, but despite this potential premature demise, Xenozoic Tales remains one of the best science fiction comics ever.


We can't talk about science fiction comics without mentioning this incredible Argentine comic, written by Hector Oesterheld and drawn by Luis Solano Lopez. To date, it is a comic that since its release in 1957 is one of the most translated in the world, bringing science fiction to one of its happiest moments.

Through the tradition of science fiction as a tool of criticism social, L'Eternauta imagines an alien invasion in which humans come decisively apart, a complicated allegory of the Argentine political situation of the period. The critical spirit of L'Eternauta was such that Oestherheld himself rewrote the history of his comic to adapt it to current events in his country, entrusting the drawings to another illustrious name in Argentine comics: Alberto Breccia.

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Valerian et Laureline

The French comic has given so much to science fiction, from Metal Hurlant to the vast production of Moebius. Within this vein, there is the future epic of Valerian et Laureline, created by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Meziers, in which two chronotemporal agents face a long mission to save the flow of time, between planets populated by incredible aliens until to the past of our world.

The universe of Valeriane et Laureline has profoundly influenced the science fiction imaginary, even inspiring some details of Star Wars, as well as being the fulcrum of the vision of the future of the French Luc Besson , who after using it as the basis of his Il quinto element o finally made the film adaptation of Valerian et Laureline.

Nathan Never

Italy also has its representative within the prestigious science fiction comic. It is not certain that seriality can deprive itself of good quality or solid narrative seriousness, and the investigator of the future created by Medda, Serra and Vigna, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, has offered its readers the opportunity to experience adventures that touched all aspects of science fiction. Sagas such as the War of the Orbiting Colonies, the fall of Agenzia Alfa or the cycle of the Technodroids are still today excellent examples of comic science fiction


A single volume that collects an incredibly rich universe of ideas for reflections and emotional suggestions. Mathieu Bablet manages to create a disturbing future society and at the same time moved by the search for a new definition of the self, in which a series of current themes are inserted. Impressive is his perspective and the artist's ability to create environments that develop vertically enveloping the reader, creating a synergy between story and visual perception. Shangri-La is a joy for the eyes and a compelling stimulus for the mind, thanks to a complex but well-finished plot


saldaPress unveils a big hit to enrich the presence of science fiction comics in Italian comics: Warren Ellis. What would happen if technological evolution suddenly stagnated? Perhaps a team of characters with particular skills would be created, capable of creating a new evolutionary engine that contemplates science, computer science and magic to give new vitality to our evolution. Everything would be perfect, but how could this incredible invention react if it developed its own consciousness and had different purposes?

An example of frontier science fiction, where real elements are mixed with magical and spy story influences, Injection is a overwhelming reading that relies on a credible sci-fi with a possible aftertaste that almost manages to make us believe that reality is much deeper and darker than we think.

V for Vendetta

Science fiction wears the cloak of fantapolitik in one of the best science fiction comics. Almost become a symbol of modern rebellion, the protagonist of Moore's graphic novel moves about a dystopian England ruled by a tyrant in which every freedom is strictly controlled. Determined to overturn this absolutist government, the good V declares war on his own nation, trying to wake up the people and rekindle the fire of freedom. Between historical quotes from the British past and touching moments in which to address delicate issues such as racism and homophobia, V for Vendetta is a science fiction comic that follows that uses the future or the alternative to paint reality


The relationship between organic and synthetic is one of the most cherished themes of science fiction, especially when entering the field of artificial intelligence. When Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen gave life to their comic, they wanted to tackle the difficult relationship with consciousness, what makes artificial intelligence a form of life. The choice of using a child robot as the protagonist in search of his own family in a universe in which the A.I. I am seen as a danger and even more exciting.

Judge Dredd

Comic science fiction enslaved to the purest social critic. When John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra decided to create their Judge, they were moved by the desire to paint the evils of British society, idealizing where the negative excesses of that social model would go. Over the years, the format has evolved from the short story to the more complex story, showing more and more depth and a desire to experiment within the series. It is no coincidence that on Judge Dredd we also made their debut famous names in the world of comics, such as Garth Ennis.

The Shadow Planet

A project born from crowdfunding, conceived by the artistic collective of the Balsteroid Bros, composed by Gianluca Pagliarani, Giovanni Barbieri and Alan d'Amico. A declaration of love to classic comic science fiction, with a foray into space horror, capable of thrilling and offering a complete reading, collected in a single volume published by saldaPress.

Outer Darkness

What happens if horror, Star Trek intertwine and you launch into a space exploration where science and magic coexist? The answer is Outer Darkness, a hyper-dynamic series with splatter hues that sees the human adventure in space linked to the use of engines powered by ancient divinities. Edited by saldaPress, Outer Darkness is a sci-fi comic book reading not to be missed, as we tell you in our review


The end of the television series Firefly, one of Joss Whedon's great creations, has been a wound for sci-fi fans for years. Fortunately, we can now experience the sequel to the adventures of Captain Malcolm Reynolds' crew, thanks to the published volumes of saldaPress. As we told you in our review, The War of Unification, the necklace promises to respect Firefly's sci-fi western tone.


Within the alternative worlds of science fiction, steampunk cannot be missing, a dystopian vision in which the world has not known electricity and everything is based on the power of steam (in English, steam). In this setting we often focus on an oppressive and acidic social construction, relying on moral concepts that sometimes marry the Victorian Compromise mind on other occasions we are even more cynical. With Blackbox, a made in Italy cartoon, we enter one of these steampunk worlds, knowing the harsh reality of Eucronia, an industrial city animated by a utilitarian creed and animated by a periodic generational contrast. Divided into four albums and accompanied by a spin-off, the series conceived by Giuseppe Grossi represents a passionate reading faithful to the dictates of the genre, with a personal and perfect graphic realization in conveying the delicate treated in the story.

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What happens if a crew of only children has to survive in space, with only the aid of an artificial intelligence? This is what Jeff Lemire imagines in his Sentient, the first work of the publishing house TKO Studios published by Panini. Gabriel Walta's drawings become the visual means of an intriguing story, in which the theme of A.I. it is treated in a unique and compelling way.


In the Bonelli house, the last few years have seen the emergence of a vein of innovation and experimentation, which led to the birth of products such as Il Confine. It is up to K-11, created by Matteo Casali, to deal more with the science fiction atmospheres, telling the story of a Russian soldier who in the last days of the Second World War undergoes an experiment that makes him much more than human. The analogy with Captain America becomes for Casali an opportunity to show the superman from another point of view, bringing out a poignant humanity and daughter of his social environment.

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