Red Dead Redemption 2: The Lumberjack - Tales from the Frontier

Red Dead Redemption 2: The Lumberjack - Tales from the Frontier

Red Dead Redemption 2

After some time, we finally managed to return to the vast prairies of Red Dead Redemption 2. As we wandered, we came up with a new story for Tales from the Frontier (for those who don't know what we're talking about, we invite you to catch up on the first episode of this series of articles).

The following story sees how protagonist is a mysterious man, who stopped at a woodcutter's field after an accident.

Without further ado, therefore, we present the second episode of Tales from the frontier, entitled, precisely, "The woodcutter".

The lumberjack

Red Dead Redemption 2: a lumberjack lost in his rhythmic work It was early morning in West Elizabeth. The air was humid; the sun was beginning to warm the muddy ground, already furrowed by the wheels of some passing wagons and battered by the horses' hooves. Among the trees, the blows of the hatchet sounded on the hard bark, rhythmic as the tolling of a clock. The natural world seemed to have just woken up, but the woodcutters had been immersed in their work for several hours already.

A squat man, with two long mustaches reaching his ears, paced back and forth on the railway platform, looking sideways. occasionally the time on an old pocket watch.

The rails of the railway began to shake. The man leaned over to see the train coming. A thick column of ashen smoke could be seen from the tall canopy of the trees. The mechanical roar of screeching scrap metal tore through the stillness of the woods.

The train began to slow down just before an elevated walkway built of solid, well-cut wooden beams. As the locomotive stopped at the small, botched station waiting for the load of lumber, a man was approaching the field on horseback; his name was Jebediah Wilkhawks.

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Mysterious Wanderer Comes Up With Progress Scruffy-looking, with a full beard and untidy hair, the mysterious wanderer walked slowly across the field. He didn't seem interested in stopping, although a little rest and a tub of hot water would certainly have helped him.

An unexpected event on the road

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jebediah launches to the rescue of the injured woodcutter When he reached the middle of the main road that cut the field, he heard screams in front of him. A group of men stood around a tree, intent on cutting it down. However, for some reason that not even the stranger understood, the situation began to degenerate, until the mighty trunk fell upon one of the men.

Seeing the scene, Jebediah immediately galloped as the the man's heartbreaking cries and the desperate call for help launched by his colleagues reached the ears of other lumberjacks. Quickly dismounted from the saddle, the stranger rushed towards the trunk and placed his hands under it, while other men also took up positions.

Red Dead Redemption 2: teamwork to help an injured One who seemed to be the person in charge of the small number of lumberjacks and began a countdown, so that he could synchronize the movement of the heavy tree with the other rescuers. A man helped the victim pull his leg out from under the trunk. Fortunately, the soft muddy ground had cushioned the blow, preventing the leg from breaking under the weight of the heavy shaft.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The men, with the help of Jebediah, managed to save their companion The old gentleman who appeared to be the camp leader approached Jebediah, asked who he was and thanked him for his lightning-fast help.

Mr. Wilkhawks, we would like a fit young man like you, with your initiative and dedication to helping those around you. Judging from your looks, I'd say you've been around for a while. I don't know why and I don't want to know; none of my business. But if you intend to stay for a while, here you will find pay, a meal and a bed waiting for you. What do you think?

Jebediah accepted the man's offer, who immediately directed him to his tent, with a request to join him in his office once he was settled.

Settle down

Red Dead Redemption 2: An Act of Destruction After signing the contract, the new lumberjack set out to explore the camp. He was fascinated by the dedication and passion that those lumberjacks employed in destroying what was around them. Blow after blow, like an effective Taylorist production unit, the symphony of steel and splinters resounded amidst the peaks of West Elizabeth.

Jebediah inhaled as much air as his lungs could hold. After a long time, he seemed peaceful.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jebediah explores the field Impatient to become an executioner himself, he started to head for the logging area, but the chief stopped him. At the door of the door of his office, he pointed out to him his momentary task, which is to take care of the draft horses.

A tip: be careful when you are near that black horse, he is a beast very lively. I wouldn't want to miss your first day at work.

With a little disappointment in his heart, Jebediah nodded, and headed for the corral.

Of all the steeds, one particularly struck him. He had a coat as dark as night, with white details that furrowed his face. He was imposing, majestic. He was standing before one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. He had a great desire to approach him, but, mindful of the chief's warning, he preferred to take care of the other horses first.

While taking care of the animals, he continued to look at that splendid specimen, so decontextualized in that luxuriant, verdant clearing.

Red Dead Redemption 2: a majestic creature Once finished with the other steeds, he slowly approached the creature. His pace was slow, controlled. She put her right hand in front of him. Each step closer to that elegant beast made his heart leap.

His fingertips touched the steed's mantle. He extended his palm over the horse's back and began to stroke it gently. He seemed calm, not at all intimidated by the man's close presence.

Suddenly, the whistle of the train interrupted that intimate moment of meeting. Jebediah whirled towards the train. He noticed that his hand had lost contact with the horse's coat. He turned back to the beast, but the only thing he saw was the left rear hoof pointed towards its face.

Red Dead Redemption 2: a dangerous creature


Red Dead Redemption 2: An Urgent Delivery for Strawberry Fair It was now two or three months since Jebediah's arrival at the camp when the boss gave him a delivery of firewood to nearby Ichigo. Since a lot of it was needed to set up the village fair, it had to be delivered no later than the first light of dawn the next morning.

A night trip was not a thing to worry about, as few criminals went so far as to north only to steal a load of lumber. Then, Jebediah climbed into the wagon and headed for a clearing to maneuver.

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Quiet Night at the Woodcutter's Camp Darkness was falling over the field, now lit mainly by lanterns, while the last ones sun rays retreated behind the high snow-capped peaks. It was a quiet evening. Or, at least, so it seemed.

The noises of the nocturnal fauna almost overwhelmed those of the wagon loaded with timber.


Red Dead Redemption 2: the road to Ichigo As he gazed intently at the road ahead, Jebediah heard screams coming from his left, beyond a dense tangle of trees. He promptly stopped the wagon and headed for the place of interest.

The cries were getting louder and it was possible to make out even a few words. The lumberjack drew his gun and, at the edge of the woods, hid behind a tree.

Leaning over, he saw a man on a rock, terrified. Below him, two ravenous wolves were attempting to forage for a rich dinner of human flesh. Released from his cover, Jebediah began firing at the two beasts, who immediately turned towards him.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jebediah rescues the man in danger Una fell almost instantly to the ground, dead. The other tried to attack him. She ran toward him with agile swiftness, but the lumberjack's hand was faster. The wolf's fury stopped a few inches away from the man's feet.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The remnants of an assault Turning to the frightened victim, he asked him if he was okay. Without saying a word, the traveler nodded, terrified. Jebediah started to leave, but the man stopped him with a grunt. He put his shaking hand in his pocket and tossed him a few dollars.

The lumberjack eyed him for a few seconds. Then, without saying a word, he left the money on the ground and returned to his chariot.

The Past Returns

Red Dead Redemption 2: Saved from the Wolf's Belly Ready to set out again , Jebediah came out of the bush. The wagon was still there, where he had left it. As he stroked the slightly frightened horses, a voice behind him caught his attention.

Jebediah Wilkhawks! You are a difficult man to trace.

The lumberjack's face froze. He recognized that voice immediately. He belonged to a man he had dealt with in the past. He slowly brought his hand to the holster.

Don't even think about it, Jeb. We are at the end of the line. You know, leaving us like that wasn't very nice. We had several problems getting out of Saint Denis all whole, or nearly so. Young Terry lost three fingers, but he got away with it. Sure, the feds have been hot on our heels for months, but at least we have health! Now, tell me, what am I supposed to do to a traitor like you? Leaving you to the feds would be too convenient. A few years in hard labor and then they'd throw you back into the same mud where your feet sink right now. No, something more exemplary is needed.

The handle of the knife the man was holding hit the back of Jebediah's head, and he fell to the ground. With the sole of his boot, the shady fellow thrust his head into the mud. Then, he bent down and took the wedding ring from the lumberjack's ring finger.

Oh, you still wear it. A truly devoted husband, I must say. This will sell well. So I think she has lost meaning by now, isn't it? What are two fifty-dollar corpses doing around their skeletal fingers? Don't worry, I have also recovered that of sweet Agatha. I must say that two years locked up in a coffin did not help her pretty little face.

While the right side of her face was sunk in the mud, her left one lit up a deep red. The bloodshot eye and tears.

He waited for the man to approach him again. Then, out of the mud, he pulled out a twig and stuck it in the eye of his old friend. Piercing cries pierced the silence of the night.

The lumberjack turned for the first time and saw that, as he could well imagine, the man was not alone.

Red Dead Redemption 2: one daring escape Four individuals were aiming at him with guns and rifles, but were hesitant to fire, as their leader obstructed the line of fire.

Jebediah stood up and grabbed the blunt man, punching him in the face. Partially stunned, he used it as a shield to get on the chariot. Hastily, he tugged at the reins. The horses, already agitated by the cries, immediately set off at a gallop.

A few meters away, he let the man fall to the ground. It was then that a hail of bullets hit him.

Survival of the fittest

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jebediah has difficulty aiming accurately The bandits caught up with him in riding their mounts. One of the henchmen had picked up his head from the ground. With a bleeding eye, he yelled at his mate to catch up with him as he tried to shoot. Fortunately, his vision was impaired, as he favored the injured eye to aim.

Jebediah promptly returned fire. The road was bumpy, which prevented him from striking effectively. So, he suddenly turned into the forest. Here he flew off the wagon, almost crashing into a large boulder. He used it as a shelter.

His assailants continued on, towards the wagon, which stopped a little further on. Dismounted from their horses, they began looking for him around. Jebediah controlled his shots, took a deep breath, and then stepped out of the cover.

The four men fell to the ground, lifeless, not even knowing what had hit them. The leader turned, frightened. A bullet pierced his skull before he could utter a word.

Red Dead Redemption 2: one shot, one corpse The lumberjack sheathed his firearm and headed for the bodies of his old companions. He grabbed the garment by the red handkerchief he wore around his neck and rummaged in his pockets.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jebediah takes back what belongs to him There was money and various valuables, but he only took the two faiths. Then, he tore a lanyard from the waistband of one of the corpses, slipped his wife's ring into it and tied it around his neck, while putting hers back on his finger.

Taking a last look at his past, he returned to the wagon, ready to finish delivery.

Truths hidden in the sunlight

Red Dead Redemption 2: the starry sky lights the way to Ichigo It was just a little before dawn. The night had been littered with unexpected events, but Ichigo was not far off. The Milky Way lit up the sky and the damp earth on which the lumber cart was passing.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Strawberry Among the trees, Jebediah began to glimpse lights. A few minutes later, he was at the gates of the city. A large sign with the words Strawberry welcomed him to the town of honest workers.

The sun had not yet risen, but the streets were already crossed by some inhabitants, headed for their respective jobs.

Red Dead Redemption 2: the last bridge The waters of the river washed the beams of the wooden bridge that led to the final destination of the load. Here, a man was testing his dexterity and precision with a knife. Jebediah pulled over and walked towards him.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Testing Your Luck The darkness of the night was leaving the land of mortals, bringing with them a past of suffering.

The man saw the lumberjack visibly worn by the journey, smeared with mud and what appears to be blood. Without asking further questions, he told him to go for a walk around the city, perhaps resting by the river. He would take care of unloading the wagon. Jebediah thanked him and headed for the town's main street.

As he walked, he was captivated by the beauty of that place. Perfectly massed bodies, the fruit of his work, became the residences of women and men. In that process of destruction concealed construction, structure. Order from chaos. He had become the executioner. And that was enough for him.

Red Dead Redemption 2: a mass grave of uncanny methodicality This concludes the second episode of Tales from the Frontier, the series of stories dedicated to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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