Oppo Enco X | Review

Oppo Enco X | Review

Enco X are a pair of True Wireless earphones with active noise cancellation, very similar in design to the AirPods Pro. It is therefore an in-ear model, with silicone headphones that have the purpose of blocking the ear canal to obtain a good passive isolation, and consequently a better yield of the ANC.

They are positioned in the medium-high end of the market, considering the price of around 180 euros. A risky move, considering that the AirPods Pro cost only a little more, that they have the same price as the Sony WF-1000XM3 and that products like the Huawei Freebuds Pro cost less (around 140 euros). The good news is that the performances of these Enco X are such as to allow them to clash on equal terms, or almost, with these models just mentioned. And let's say it right away, the choice will be completely, or almost entirely, linked to the price at which you will find them.

Aesthetically, as we have already said, they are very similar to the AirPods Pro. They are IP54 certified, so you can use them for Playing sports . The case, with magnetic lid, has a status LED on the front and a USB Type-C port on the bottom for battery charging. A button on the right edge allows you to put the earphones in pairing mode. With Android, and especially with Oppo smartphones, connectivity is direct as soon as you open the case and approach the smartphone, while with non-compatible smartphones, and iPhones, you will have to use the button.

Let's say immediately that if you have an iPhone, these earphones are not for you. First of all, they lose some ergonomic features, such as fast connection, and above all the application is not available.

Controls are made through gestures by touching the surface of the earphones. It is possible not only to send commands with various taps, but also to move your finger up and down to adjust the volume.

The audio quality is satisfactory. The dual-driver design, and the cooperation with Dynaudio, made it possible to make a pair of earphones that sound good. They are compatible with LHDC, AAC, and SBC protocols. They adapt to many musical conditions, the bass is well present, the response in the mids and highs is good. They are not at the level of the best earphones on the market but, as mentioned, they are satisfactory for those looking for a pair of earphones with which to listen to music and make calls in different situations of the day. We spent many hours on the phone and never received criticism of the quality of the microphone, while the voice of our interlocutors was heard well.

Connectivity is Bluetooth 5.2, and we are only half satisfied. Beyond 5-6 meters, communication is lost; in this case several earphones are able to do better. However in terms of ergonomics, so connection speeds when taking them out of the case, they are great considering instant communication.

Active noise cancellation works well too. The only detail, in this case, is the way in which you will be able to wear them, and that is if you close the ear canal properly. In our case, we tried earphones that fit us better, and we didn't get 100% of the ear canal occlusion with the supplied earphones. We cannot clearly express ourselves for anyone considering that the shape of the ears is very personal, but we also didn't feel bad about it.

The autonomy per charge is about four and a half hours, with ANC active. Considering the possibility of recharging the earphones with the case, the total autonomy extends to about 20 hours. It is not a record result, some models are able to do better, but it is enough for everyday use. Charging can be done via USB-C cable but also via magnetic induction, just place the case on a wireless charger.


Oppo has done a great job with the Enco X, realizing very versatile earphones. Audio quality is good, as is active noise cancellation. Battery life is average, comfort of use is good, they are IP54 certified and are just as good for listening to music as for making phone calls. Too bad that the lack of some functions and the application does not make them advisable for those who own an iPhone, while they are perfect for those who have an Oppo smartphone and you should consider yourself if you have an Android smartphone. The price of 179 euros, however, places them in a highly competitive market segment where there are many other high-end models, and some of these even better for some characteristics.

Update: we have noticed a swing in the price between 150 and 180 euros; as already indicated, as the price falls, these earphones acquire value, therefore if you manage to buy them with a good offer, they will be an excellent choice.

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