Epic Games vs. Apple: Epic only wants to push Fortnite, says Apple

Epic Games vs. Apple: Epic only wants to push Fortnite, says Apple

Epic Games vs. Apple

It is a legal battle that has been publicly fought for almost a year: Epic Games is suing Apple. And Google, but the spotlight is on the iPhone company. The accusation: Apple is using its monopoly position with the App Store to demand a disproportionate amount of money from Epic Games - developer and publisher of Fortnite - when Fortnite players spend money on the iPhone. Because: In every transaction, a 30 percent stake goes to Apple. For example, if you buy V-Bucks for 10 euros, 7 euros go to Epic Games and 3 euros to Apple. Common practice, but Epic no longer wants to accept this and filed a lawsuit.

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30 percent to Apple

The announcement of this lawsuit was accompanied last summer by a large PR campaign apparently intended to portray Apple as a monopoly villain. And in fact, on iOS devices there is no other (legal or official) way to earn money with apps and games than via the App Store, which is accompanied by said fee of 30 percent of total sales. This is no different with Google and the Play Store on Android, for example, but the Google OS inherently allows you to install apps and games from other sources. With Apple devices, a jailbreak is necessary for this, which is actually not intended.

Apple submits statement

Since Epic Games no longer wants to accept this business model, the company has filed a lawsuit against Apple. The negotiation is expected to begin in May, i.e. next month, just under a year after notification and initiation of the legal steps. Now Apple got ahead of it by the US company submitting a 500-page statement that contains some exciting arguments against Epic.

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Does Epic just want to push Fortnite?

Apple points out, for example, that Epic Games was able to generate sales of over 700 million dollars with Fortnite via the App Store in a period of almost two years and only then came to the conclusion that Apple's business model was illegal. In addition, Apple claims in the statement that Epic wanted to attract attention with the whole action and stimulate the declining interest in Fortnite.

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Well thought-out media strategy

Apple also points out that Epic Games has hired a PR agency to publicly discredit the iPhone company as part of "Project Liberty" and as a portray some kind of villain. This project is described as a "well-planned media strategy". Another argument from Apple: After Fortnite was thrown out of the App Store, Epic advised its players to simply play the Battle Royale on consoles, PCs and other devices. According to Apple, this is proof that the App Store is not a monopoly.

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Share is fair, says Apple

Furthermore, Apple claims that the 30 percent fees are fair, as it gives developers instant access to a gigantic audience of over a billion active devices. The gatekeeper function from Apple also serves to guarantee quality in the App Store through preliminary checks, and to support the developers. If Apple were to grant Epic Games special rights, it would only worsen the position of all other developers.

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