Ken the warrior: Jagger arrives from Medicos

Ken the warrior: Jagger arrives from Medicos

Ken the warrior

The Medicos company continues the announcements with action figures taken from the Hokuto no Ken series (in Italy better known as Ken the Warrior), the third character after Kenshiro and Raul also belongs to the Divine School of Hokuto. Just in this period the second youngest of the four Hokuto brothers was made official and as you may have understood by looking at the published photos we are talking about Jagi better known as Jagger.

Inside your box we will find several extras and interchangeable parts between which: interchangeable faces and hands, a gun and a base that allow you to expose Jagger in extreme poses. Like the previous two figures of Ken and Raul, this too will be made only of plastic with many joints in the body that will make it completely articulated, in order to allow a very high posability to be able to recreate the iconic clashes that we have always admired in the cartoon.

Jagger (or Jagi in the original version) is one of Kenshiro's three older half-brothers, also among the students for the succession of the Divine School of Hokuto. The real rivalry between the two half-brothers (Jagger has always lived in the shadow of his younger brother towards whom he has always felt immense hatred) begins when Master Ryuken chooses young Kenshiro as the successor of the Divine School of Hokuto. After trying to persuade Raul and Toki in vain to oppose Kenshiro's succession, Jagger decides to face him in person but unfortunately for him the battle ends with his defeat, being disfigured and forced to wear a mask to hide his face.

The figure of Jagger taken from the anime Ken the Warrior of Medicos will soon be in pre-order at a suggested price of about 8.600 Yen (109.90 Euro) with an estimated release for the month of September 2021 (and the following months in Italy thanks to the official distributor Cosmic Group).

Ken the Warrior is an endless myth that an entire generation has grown up with. Find out how many gadgets are available on amazon by clicking here. If you liked this article, don't miss all the released home videos dedicated to Ken the Warrior. You can find them comfortably at this link.

Is Justin Timberlake the Yeti? Ken Jeong Has a Theory on The Masked Singer

Justin Timberlake is probably, most definitely not a contestant on The Masked Singer, but when has that stopped Ken Jeong before? 

In a new clip from tonight's double dose of the Fox reality show, Ken presents a theory about the Yeti which, at first, doesn't sound totally insane. In fact, even Nicole Scherzinger seems on board. The Yeti's clues spoke of 'an ego that got in the way early on in his career,' which leads Ken to think of JT. 

'Just recently he kind of owned up to his own past,' Ken says, referring to Justin's Instagram apology to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson for having 'failed' them. 'So I feel there's a self-awareness with the Yeti and with Justin Timberlake.' 

There was some logic there, but then Ken takes things too far by declaring Justin his 'good family friend,' which Nick Cannon and guest panelist Rita Wilson are quick to call him out on. Rita also points out that Justin and Jessica Biel have a brand new baby, and it just definitely doesn't feel like he's standing on stage in front of them doing The Masked Singer. 

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