How long will the curfew last at 10pm?

How long will the curfew last at 10pm?

There are no certain answers, because it is not clear how the government will formulate the measure within the decree law on reopening

(Image: Unsplash) In the new decree approved Wednesday by the Council of Ministers on measures to cope the Covid-19 emergency has been confirmed the imposition of the curfew from 22 to 5 in the morning. However, neither a precise deadline date nor a roadmap has been indicated that clarifies how and when it will be postponed or abolished. Furthermore, the full text of the decree has not yet been published in the Official Gazette, which makes it difficult to establish with certainty what the government's intentions are.

However, based on what we read in the note of Palazzo Chigi with the measures were announced, it seems to emerge that the curfew has been extended at least until June 15, while the date of July 31 indicates the end of the period of validity of the decree.

As mentioned, the final text of the The decree has not yet been published in the Official Gazette and government communications and divisions in the majority have contributed to some confusion. Lega leader Matteo Salvini has called for an immediate postponement of the curfew until 11pm. While the majority of the government has decided to maintain and a probable gradual easing of the restrictions.

However, it seems clear that we should cross several phases before seeing its total abolition. According to the Post, for example, in mid-May the measure should be re-evaluated by the government and at that point, based on the trend of infections, it will be decided whether to postpone the hours or abolish the curfew. The Republic, on the other hand, reports the words of the Minister for Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini, who assures that "the curfew at 22 will not last until 31 July".

On Twitter the jurist Vitalba Azzolini, always very careful to analyze the government measures, citing a draft of the law decree observed how one of the articles established June 15 as a provisional deadline for the current restrictions on travel times.

The rule (of the draft circulated two days ago) is clear: the measures adopted in implementation of the dl 19/2020, among which there is a "curfew", as far as travel is concerned, they are extended until 15 June. It seems very clear to me.

- Vitalba Azzollini (@vitalbaa) April 22, 2021

What is clear is that the decision is a political matter and not scientific. As reported by the Agi press agency, the Technical Scientific Committee has never been consulted on this aspect: "It has always been a political evaluation, we have never been subjected to any request to that effect".

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