In Brazil, the Covid-19 emergency has never been as critical as it is now

In Brazil, the Covid-19 emergency has never been as critical as it is now

In Brazil

The country does not have a national coronavirus plan, nor a vaccine distribution strategy. Thus the virus has an easy time developing new variants

(Photo: Evaristo Sa / Getty Images) On March 3, 1,726 people died of the coronavirus in Brazil. The highest peak in deaths in a single day since the start of the Covid-19 emergency. In the country, more than 10 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and over 250 thousand have died. Hospitals are no longer able to guarantee assistance to all the sick. Nonetheless, President Jair Bolsonaro has decided not to introduce measures of containment and social distancing. He downplayed the effectiveness of the masks and promoted the use of useless drugs against Covid-19 such as hydroxychloroquine. And now Brazil has no national coronavirus plan, no vaccine distribution strategy.

Additionally, Bolsonaro has failed to make adequate deals with vaccine companies to ensure enough doses for everyone. the population. In the most populous country in all of South America, only 3.3% of people have been vaccinated so far, compared, for example, to 18% in Chile.

Al Guardian Miguel Nicolelis, one of the most important Brazilian scientists, said President Bolsonaro has failed to stop the Covid-19 epidemic and has made the South American country a global threat to the efforts of others to overcome the pandemic. "The containment policies that Bolsonaro is not implementing put the entire planet at risk. What is the point of solving the pandemic in Europe or the United States, if Brazil continues to be a breeding ground for this virus? ”Attacks Nicolelis. For the expert, letting a virus proliferate and expand as it is happening in Brazil facilitates its mutation and increases the appearance of new variants perhaps more lethal than the current ones.

A new variant - the P1 - has already been tracked in Manaus, the largest city in the Brazilian Amazon and six cases of this variant have already been detected in the United Kingdom. "Brazil is an open laboratory for the virus", Nicolelis warned.

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