PC: The most expensive collectible games you can buy online

PC: The most expensive collectible games you can buy online


We continue our journey into the world of collecting and the highest rated titles in the online auction market. After touching the world of Xbox and Nintendo games, today we are dedicating ourselves to something less obvious.

The PC world has been marginally touched by these speculations, probably because its collecting is mainly related to Limited Edition and the "mythization" of hardware is a much more complex and multifaceted phenomenon than what happens with consoles. It is therefore much more difficult, removing limited editions and the like, to find versions whose prices reach exorbitant figures. We searched the web and found some video games that are really worth a lot of money: go rummage in the cellar, you never know!

5 - Alone in the Dark

On the higher step bottom of our small ranking of the five most expensive PC games on the web we find to tell the truth a triptych: the three Alone in the Dark, English editions of 1992, 1993 and 1994 still sealed and in perfect condition. The Infogrames masterpiece certainly needs no introduction, and the finding of even three "brand new" copies is a fairly rare event that made the entire package valued at 1400 euros. The historical value of the game, the fact of finding all three of the first titles of the saga in perfect condition and the temporal distance from the release, in our opinion, could amply justify the asking price.

4 - Life is Strange

With a valuation of € 160o, in fourth place we even found Life is Strange in the Italian version, sealed and intact in its cellophane. The goodness of the title is certainly not in question, the evaluation given is probably well beyond the moral limit allowed. But anyway, now the sealed versions of the games remain the priority of pure collectors and their availability is really difficult and unlikely, so the price, usually decided by the meeting of the questions and the offer, is definitely unbalanced on the part of the quest. last.

3 - Maniac Mansion

In third place in our bizarre ranking is another historical game: Maniac Mansion. There are few copies of this iconic LucasArts title around, much less complete with instructions, as well as original sheets and leaflets. The fact that it is in excellent condition, complete and after more than thirty years makes it a highly sought-after item by long-time collectors and passionate gamers. In fact, the most valued copy (and probably the best and most complete one) costs 1999 euros.

2 - Red Alert 2

We approach the podium with an almost ex-aequo: a new copy of Red Alert 2 is valued just one euro more than Maniac Mansion: 2000 euro. The reason for this exorbitant price is probably to be found in the rare version proposed: the infamous Twin Tower Edition, for understandable reasons censored and withdrawn from the market just after the tragic events of September 11 in New York. The game came out just a year earlier, anticipating in its contents a mission in which the city was attacked using civilian aircraft on the twin towers. After 2001 the contents of the game were changed and the illustrations inside the gatefold cover were censored. For this reason, the price of the first edition of Red Alert 2, in good condition, is definitely over the top.

1 - The Vampire Diaries

Sold for 5771 euros (5000 pounds) ), on the top step of the podium we find a curiosity, more than a game. A rare PC edition of "The Vampire Diaries", a title that anticipated by many years the successful television series taken by the same author L.J. Smith. The game was developed by HeR Entertainment, a long-running US software house with dozens of adventures, point and click and PC titles, with very rare and fleeting appearances on consoles. Honestly, we don't know specifically about this title and its goodness, but we are sure that finding a copy in the same condition is not a walk in the park. According to some American reviews of the title, it seems that this is the only copy on sale worldwide since at least mid-2020. Isn't it by chance that you own a copy too?

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