Horizon: Zero Dawn - Unlock Shield Weaver Outfit - Tips

Horizon: Zero Dawn - Unlock Shield Weaver Outfit - Tips


Find the shield weaver outfit for Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn: We offer you tips for unlocking what is probably the best armor for the protagonist of the post-apocalyptic open world adventure. For this you need five energy cells, which you collect in partly well-hidden places during the game. We show you a YouTube video from Powerpyx, which shows all the locations of the energy cells as well as the old bunker with the location of the armor. We're publishing this guide today as part of Sony's Play at Home promotion. You will receive the Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition including all DLCs for free until May 15th to download of the 5 energy cells during missions. The order in which they are collected does not matter. Even if you are already advanced in the story, you return to the locations shown in the video to recover the energy cells. So that the collection of the Power Cells is saved, you first reach the next checkpoint for saving. The icon on the screen for the energy cells is green, which makes it much easier to find and collect. To find the locations better, use the path finding option in the settings and place markers on the map, as shown in the video for Horizon Zero Dawn (buy now € 22.36 / € 44.99).

Video guide - Horizon: Zero Dawn - energy cells & shield weaver outfit

In the following video you will find all the locations for the 5 energy cells and the shield weaver outfit. The timecodes for the video can be found below the clip.

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Energy cell 2 - During the main quest "Creator's End" - Minute 0:52

Energy cell 3 - During the main quest "The burial ground" - Minute 1:52

Energy cell 4 - During the main quest "The fallen mountain" - Minute 3:42

Energy cell 5 - Well-known ruins (Free Roam) - Minute 4: 23

Location & solution to the energy cell puzzles - Old Bunker - Minute 5:40

Once you have collected all the energy cells, go to the secret bunker in the side quest "Old Weapons Storage". Down here you use the energy cells and start the electricity to finally unlock the shield weaver outfit in Horizon: Zero Dawn for Aloy. Navigate to minute 5:40 to see the location of the bunker and a solution to the energy cell puzzles. The outfit cannot be upgraded, but with this armor you are invulnerable for a certain time. As soon as the cells of the armor flash red, you move away from opponents. After a few seconds of cooldown you start again.

Sony is giving away 'Horizon Zero Dawn' for free on PS4 and PS5

a christmas tree in a forest: Sony is giving away © Provided by Mashable Sony is giving away 'Horizon Zero Dawn' for free on PS4 and PS5

Everyone loves a freebie, right? Especially when it comes to video games, and particularly in this time when we're still spending a bunch of time at home. 

Well, you can now download Guerrilla Games' epic 2017 open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn for nothing, the latest released in Sony's batch of free games for its Play at Home initiative.

First announced in April 2020, Play at Home is the company's strategy to encourage people to stay indoors and play games amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — Sony has previously given away such classics as stunning indie Journey and adventure series Uncharted for free. 

If you're keen to join young hunter Aloy and track down mechanical T-rexes across the land in this critically lauded but definitely not perfect open-world adventure, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is available to download free from now up until 11 p.m ET / 8 p.m. PT on May 14 (4 a.m. BST on May 15 ) if you have a PS4 or PS5 console.

The 'complete edition' element means the original game comes with The Frozen Wilds expansion, extra outfit and weapon packs, a digital art book, and PS4 theme. And nope, you don't need a subscription to PS Plus to download the game for free and keep it, just a console.

With the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, possibly set for release on PS4 and PS5 later this year, it's a pretty good time to catch up on the first game.

There's also a bunch of indie games available to grab and keep for free as part of Play at Home until April 23 including underwater adventure ABZÛ, dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon, and diving mystery Subnautica, as well as VR games Moss and Paper Beast.

Hooray for more things to do at home.

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