GTA 5 Online: Update to PS Plus, new vehicle & easy money - that's new

GTA 5 Online: Update to PS Plus, new vehicle & easy money - that's new

GTA 5 Online

Rockstar Games reveals details of the new activities at GTA 5 Online this week in a current information update on its website. Also included is the Grotti Brioso 300, which the developers initially gave away exclusively for the Christmas season. The vehicle can now also be purchased regularly from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. If you don't have the change, you can bag double GTA dollars and RP for air freight sales, stockpile, air and sea races, all six "A Superyacht Life" missions, hidden packages and treasure chests this week. Again, there is the panic prolapse basketball jersey free of charge. To do this, you have to complete the finale of the Cayo Perico Heist. You will get matching shorts if you steal additional loot in the finals.

If you complete an air freight sales mission in GTA 5 Online (buy now € 149.99), you will bag a neon glow stick chain and the red and blue bangles for free . Also stop by the casino wheel of fortune for a chance at this week's Bravado Loser grand prize. There are also individual deals. So you currently get a 60 percent discount on all hangars and 50 percent on the Galaxy Superyacht. You are currently getting a 40 percent discount on the Mammoth Avenger and the associated weapons and vehicle workshop. The Buckingham Akula, P-996 Lazer, FH1 Hunter, Savage, Principe Deveste Eight and Pegassi Zorrusso are also 40 percent cheaper.

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GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X: "It won't be a simple port"

GTA 5 appears for PS5 and Xbox Series X. In At a recent conference, the Take Two boss comments on the remaster versions. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 PS3 0

GTA 5 Online: New vehicle, earn a lot of money quickly & deals - that's new

Rockstar Games has an info update for GTA 5 Online available this week as well. In the article you will find out what to expect. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 PS3 0

GTA 5 Online: Free vehicle, quick money & other gifts - that's new

Rockstar Games is giving an update on what's new at GTA 5 Online this week. That awaits you. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1368078,1368001,1367691,1367232'; In the info update, Rockstar Games also writes that PS Plus subscribers who play GTA 5 Online on PlayStation 4 will continue to receive 1,000,000 GTA dollars every month until GTA Online for PlayStation 5 is released. "As of April 1, 2021, PlayStation Plus subscribers will no longer have to wait 72 hours after logging in to find the GTA $ in their Maze Bank account. From then on, they will be able to get the GTA $ 1,000,000 From the beginning of the month, simply collect them directly from the PlayStation Store, which will be transferred to your account immediately after they are picked up in the store, "the developers say. There are still benefits for Prime Gaming. Players will thus secure themselves again this week 200,000 GTA dollars.

GTA Online Standalone Is Coming Due To GTA 5 Sales Saturation

Rockstar Games' plans to launch a standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online were prompted, at least in part, by sheer market saturation for Grand Theft Auto 5.

'As you sell that many units, you will at some point arrive at the conclusion that you've saturated for purchasing the title,' Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said at a Morgan Stanley technology conference. 'At that point you're willing to experiment with the possibility that maybe there is another way to bring people into the online experience. Make it super-low friction, low price point. Sure, you don't have access to the original single-player experience, but you do have access to an online world. Our view is perhaps that's a different market and that's a way to expand the player base.'

He said the company's experience with putting out Red Dead Online as a standalone release, apart from Red Dead Redemption 2, was a proof-of-concept. That gave Red Dead Online its biggest month since launch, and the people who get in using the online experience might upgrade to the full version too. He sees it as an opportunity to bring in a larger player base, which then helps feed long-term success.

The standalone version of Red Dead Online is regularly priced at $20, but it was 75% off for the first several weeks, bringing it down to $5. We might see a similar approach for GTA Online, but Take-Two and Rockstar have not announced release or price details.

Grand Theft Auto Online has sold 140 million units, and often makes the top ten in NPD sales despite having been out for several years already. Take-Two has often boasted that its GTA Online microtransactions have served as a boon for the company, which may help to explain why we still haven't heard word on a GTA 6.

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