From Huawei to Google, the big names in technology are focusing on industry 4.0

From Huawei to Google, the big names in technology are focusing on industry 4.0

From Huawei to Google

From the bet on data centers managed by artificial intelligence to machine learning in factory systems, the giants of technology are aiming for new generation plants

Industry 4.0 told with Lego (Getty Images) The digital transformation it is one of the key elements for the relaunch of the Italian economy. The consulting firm Ernst & Young at the beginning of the year identified some fields where the game of innovation in digital infrastructures for businesses will be played. Specifically, the spread of the internet of things (Iot) and sensors, the processing and storage capacity (characterized by high levels of security), the connection speed of the networks. Among all these areas, insiders are well aware that data represent an increasingly important factor of production.

"The potential value of the data economy for Italy is at least 2.8% of the GDP equal to 50 billions ", emphasizes the company in a report:" But at present the exploitation of this potential is very limited, not exceeding 10%. The reason for this low level of exploitation is not in the lack of data: in Europe about 1 zettabyte of data are produced per year and Italy alone produces about 20%. What is missing is the transformation of data into value “.

One of the suggested solutions is to increase investments and support the efforts of companies to adopt and measure new business models and organizations that exploit the market potential of data. The same is true for cloud infrastructures which, thanks to "softwareization", introduce new services and applications in an increasingly flexible way, creating value for users (individuals or organizations). "Big data optimize results by aggregating data from anywhere, operating in a logic of hyperscale, in the sense that advanced analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms will need cloud data centers to guarantee computing power" , reports Ernst & Young.

This also explains the importance of data centers, one of the key infrastructural elements for companies as they house all the equipment dedicated to the governance of processes, communications and support services. The same is true for factory processes and especially plant productivity. Huawei's investments in intelligent data centers and the recent collaboration signed between Google Cloud and Siemens lie in this direction.

Huawei aims at intelligent data centers

In an event dedicated to the business world, Huawei Italia unveiled its new offer for the corporate world. “For telecommunications operators, the number of 5G Cdr (Call details record) is 6.5 times that of a 4G Cdr. If we were still using the current processing speed, customers would be three days late on their monthly billing ", explained Lucio Ceruti, senior data center solution manager at Huawei Enterprise Italia.

The same growing commitment of resources is being recorded in the video, storage and computing industries. "In the prevention and control of the pandemic, we need a big data platform that between operators and regions allows millions of users to query health codes on their mobile devices in real time and what is relevant to their health for them", added Ceruti. .

In this direction, the multinational is working on intelligent data centers, that is, intended as “powered by artificial intelligence”. "It has already been widely deployed in major systems across industries, such as finance, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing, to get the most value from business data and accelerate the digital transformation journey," recalled Huawei. Among the systems, OceanStor Dorado V6, designed for mission-critical services, and OceanStor Pacific for archiving large volumes of unstructured data. In short, cutting-edge dedicated to high-performance computing (Hpc) and high-performance data analysis (Hpda). The fields of use in fact range from medical research for genome sequencing, to the mining and quarrying sector up to the processing of weather forecasts, where computational capacity is a fundamental requirement.

The alliance Google Cloud-Siemens

The collaboration signed between Google Cloud and Siemens aims at optimizing factory processes and above all plant productivity. As usual, the keystone is the use of artificial intelligence. Specifically, the German multinational will integrate the main data cloud and artificial intelligence / machine learning technologies of Google Cloud into its industrial automation technologies "to support machine builders in future innovation".

The criticality of the sector is that many manufacturers continue to use outdated software and multiple systems to analyze plant information. Accuracy requires many resources and frequent manual updates. But by combining data cloud and AI capabilities and Google Cloud machine learning with Siemens' Digital Industries Factory Automation portfolio, “manufacturers will be able to harmonize factory data”. There is talk of visual inspections of products or even the prediction of wear of machines on the assembly line.

"The potential of artificial intelligence to radically transform the industrial plant is far from being exhausted. Many manufacturers are still stuck in artificial intelligence pilot projects today: we want to change the status quo ", said Axel Lorenz, vice president of control at Siemens Digital Industries Factory Automation, marking a" turning point for the manufacturing industry ".

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