Fortnite: Update improves graphics on the Nintendo Switch

Fortnite: Update improves graphics on the Nintendo Switch


Probably the most famous battle royale in the world (and one of the most famous games in general), Fortnite, has appeared for numerous different platforms. Including Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Xbox, PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. While the game from Epic Games usually runs best on PCs, depending on the equipment, the PS5 version is particularly impressive. Fortnite also looks surprisingly good on the go, depending on the smartphone or tablet used. One version, however, left some graphics wishes open so far, namely the one for Nintendo Switch. But that has recently changed.

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Update for Fortnite on Switch

Also with that new update from Fortnite (buy now € 16.00) for the Switch, the Nintendo version does not come close to the Playstation or even PC quality. That would hardly be possible due to the technically comparatively weak hardware. However, Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite, thanks to which the Battle Royale on the Switch now looks a whole lot better.

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Higher resolution

With the update of March 30, 2021, the maximum resolution of the game has been increased. To explain: Games generally run on the switch in TV mode at a maximum of 1080p, in handheld mode the best possible is 720p. Depending on the technical requirements, many games use a dynamic resolution, and so do many Nintendo titles. The resolution is flexibly adjusted at any time in order to keep the frame rate stable. Before the new update, Fortnite ran in handheld mode on the switch at best with a resolution of 1000 x 560, after the update it is 1170 x 660 (at least almost 40% more pixels). In TV mode, thanks to optimization, it was possible to increase the previous maximum 1390 x 780 to 1560 x 880.

More stable frame rate

The technical improvement is made possible by an update for the renderer, which improves the graphics processor the switch can be used even better than before. This not only increases the resolution, but also the frame rate should now be more stable and drop less often into deep regions. The update also reduces the file size of Fortnite on the Switch by around 140 MB.

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Graphic comparison

To compare the graphic performance of Fortnite, Epic Games has published a before-and-after comparison in the form of two images on its blog, which you can see below. On the left a screenshot of the game before the update, on the right a picture from the game after the update with the technical improvements.

Left: Fortnite for Switch before the performance update. Right: Fortnite for Switch after the performance update with increased resolution and more stable frame rate. Source: Epic Games Source: Epic Games

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