Fabric gaming chairs | The best of April 2021

Fabric gaming chairs | The best of April 2021

Are you a gamer and want to meticulously build your station around a desk? In this case, a good gaming chair can be an absolutely essential option to best complete the configuration you have chosen. At this time of the year, with summer just around the corner, opting for one of the best fabric gaming chairs could be the best idea to have a comfortable seat that at the same time does not tend to get too hot during sessions. of play, study or prolonged work, during which you can spend whole afternoons seated.

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Fabric gaming chairs, the best

SecretLab Omega SecretLab Titan and Titan XL DXRacer Formula Woltu BS38 Office / Gaming chair

SecretLab Omega

SecretLab is one of the brands best known as regards gaming chairs, and has been a leader in the sector for several years now: the company produces three different models, each of which is also available in fabric. The best known, and already amply sufficient for the needs of many, is the Omega, that is the “basic” chair of the range, both in terms of the characteristics of the seat and in the price. Omega is recommended for people under 180cm tall and weighing less than 110kg. If you want to save a little and fall within the limits of height and weight, it is undoubtedly the chair for you, even considering that, after removing the more reinforced structure, there are no big differences with its "cousins", which we will see shortly. SecretLab Omega in SoftWeave fabric is available in four different variants, one of which, available in pre-order and in a limited edition, is dedicated to Overwatch (specifically, to the character of D.Va).

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SecretLab Titan and Titan XL

If you do not fall within the height and weight range of the SecretLab Omega and do not have particular budget problems , you can bet directly on the SecretLab Titan, which is distinguished by a slightly elongated backrest and a reinforced tubular structure, which allows it to adapt to people from 175 to 200 cm tall and weighing no more than 130 kg. The fabric version of SecretLab Titan is also available in different colors: if the traditional "black" seems too banal, you could opt for the dark blue (with fluorescent blue logo) of the Charcoal Blue, or for the more sobriety of the beige version. Cookies & Cream. Or, why not, opt for the limited edition dedicated to D.Va, available only for the standard Titan model. Like all SecretLabs, the Titan model can also count on an unparalleled build quality, at the top of the gaming chair range.

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Are you not within the height and weight limits set by the SecretLab Titan? SecretLab has also thought of you, placing on the market the Titan XL, the most "imposing" of the entire series, aesthetically very similar to the Omega and the Titan, but with one substantial difference: the elongated seat and the reinforced structure, in fact, the they allow it to easily adapt to people up to 208 cm tall and heavy up to 180 kg.

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DXRacer Formula

The DXRacer Formula gaming chairs are a 'excellent alternative to the top of the range currently available on the market, and can count on an excellent ratio between the build quality and the price, not exaggerated. The series in question is among the flagship ones of DXRacer, which produces several chairs in different cuts and materials, including different models in canvas or breathable fabric: those below include a series specifically designed for gaming and one openly for office use. but capable of adapting in a versatile way to gaming, also thanks to the very similar design. Net of the differences, each model has in common a good solidity and can count on different adjustments, which allow you to orient the seat in depth, up to a maximum of 135 degrees. In all the models listed below there are, as accessories, also a headrest and a lumbar cushion, both in eco-leather.

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Woltu BS38 Office / Gaming chair

If you are looking for something less flashy and perhaps a little cheaper, but equally valid, the chairs of the Woltu BS38 series can be for you. Available in four different colors (with white, blue, gray or red inserts), the chairs of this series are characterized by the material, entirely in breathable fabric, and by the adjustments (up to 155 degrees), which are combined with a more what a good general solidity. The armrests, in addition to being adjustable in height, can be rotated, guaranteeing more choices on their position. Also present in this case, the headrest and the lumbar cushion, both in polyurethane. The maximum load capacity of Woltu BS38 chairs is 120 kg (declared), while the dimensions do not exceed 135 cm in height (maximum adjustment).

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How to choose the best fabric gaming chair

Choosing a fabric gaming chair may not be an immediate operation if you are not properly informed about the properties of the chair itself, which they can be useful especially in the hottest months of the year (these chairs, in fact, give their best in those situations). We have therefore compiled a series of short tips below to help you choose and opt for the fabric gaming chair that best suits your needs and requirements.

Material and breathable capacity

The choice of material, in such a chair, is of vital importance to be sure of making a good purchase. When you decide to opt for a fabric gaming chair, in fact, it is mainly because you are looking for a breathable material, which helps to make long play or work sessions in the summer months more bearable. Even if it is not easy to get an idea from the images, knowing well the properties of certain materials (fabric, canvas) can be essential to understand at first glance which are the most suitable for your needs.

Build quality and adjustments

In many cases it is quite easy to be fooled by good materials and think that the entire gaming chair is built well, but this is not always the case. A good gaming chair must also be evaluated for its construction and its internal structure: it is important, above all, that the key parts (joints, welds, etc.) are solid, in order to have a durable product over the years. Adjustments (of the seat and backrest, respectively in height and in depth) can also be of vital importance, especially if you are using your gaming chair in a particular position and need a certain configuration.

Supports and accessories

In a good gaming chair, elements such as adjustable armrests and accessories "external" to the seat itself should never be missing: it may seem like a trifle, but sometimes the latter are very important, especially for those who suffer from back pain or joint problems of various kinds. Headrests and lumbar cushions, for example, have now become a standard for gaming chairs and are almost always supplied as standard in the case of mid-range or high-end models. Optionally, some chairs can also offer a footrest, but these are models mostly devoted to relaxation rather than gaming or office use.

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