Xbox Game Pass, March 2021: the first batch of free games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, March 2021: the first batch of free games for subscribers

Xbox Game Pass, March 2021

The first update of March 2021 to the Xbox Game Pass catalog is almost entirely dedicated to sportsmen, but above all it is strongly driven by the additions made by Electronic Arts to the EA Play catalog, which consequently entail new revenues also in that of Xbox Game Pass, given the inclusion of one in the other. It could be said that Microsoft, by itself, got away with little, given that most of the games come from the EA service, but we must also recognize the presence of some 90 pieces such as NBA 2K21 and Football Manager 2021, quest 'last a practically fundamental game for the great fans of football managerial, and in these parts there could be many.

Game Pass: the new releases For the rest, the selection is partly based on the tastes of the North American market , considering precisely the basketball simulation in question but also and above all the presence of Madden NFL 21 and NHL 21, both excellent simulations but considerably niche outside North America, however compensated by the aforementioned managerial of Sega and Sports Interactive which instead seems to speak directly to the European public and also Italian in particular, being the only version for current consoles in circulation, beyond the historic P edition C. The choice of inserting NBA 2K21 in the Xbox One version, playable on Xbox Series X | S in backward compatibility, and not the native next gen version of the game, was somewhat discussed, but this is also due to the particular system adopted by 2K for the management of two versions, since it has chosen not to use Microsoft's Smart Delivery.

Madden NFL 21 (EA Play) - Xbox, March 3rd

American football is not really the national sport in these parts, but it can still count on a certain number of fans, considering even as it is an undoubtedly spectacular show. In any case, Madden NFL 21 is certainly the best videogame transposition present at the time of this game, being probably also the only one, at least among those easily accessible globally. The introduction in EA Play and Xbox Game Pass can be the perfect opportunity to try it: with free access, curiosity can be satisfied and is only found after a simple download. Moreover, Madden NFL 21 also brings with it some innovations compared to the formula now settled in years of experience: developed by EA Tiburon, the new simulation introduces some variations to the gameplay such as a new ball management system, new animations and passing system and also some improvements for the defensive phase. All, of course, together with the evolutions applied to graphics and audio as well as the official license of the new NFL season.

Football Manager 2021 - PC and Xbox, March 4th

The historical football managerial simulation by Sega and Sports Interactive, with Football Manager 2021, thus completing a sports offer that aims to please the American public but also a good part of the European one, as well as Italian given how deeply rooted the series is in these parts . On closer inspection, these are two distinct versions of the game: on the one hand there is the traditional one for PC, on the other we find Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition which is a version specially adapted for the Microsoft console and is quite a rarity, given that it was since 2007 that he was not seen outside of the PC. The game is optimized for Xbox Series X | S and is still in Play Anywhere between PC and Xbox, meaning you can transfer progress and saves between versions. For the rest, there is very little to say: as usual, it is the best known football managerial simulation in the world, which allows us to manage every aspect of a football club from an economic, organizational and technical point of view, going from the transfer market to training sessions and matches on the pitch. The 2021 edition appears rather conservative, with few innovations compared to the previous chapters, but for fans it remains a must and does not lose, in any case, its characteristic of creating strong addiction, to find out more we refer to the review by Rosario Salatiello .

NBA 2K21 - Xbox and cloud, March 4th

Probably the new entry of greater caliber, at least on paper, is NBA 2K21 for this first run of March 2021. The new simulation of basketball by 2K Sports is suitable for all audiences, given the popularity of the sport in question, unlike the other titles offered with this batch. Although it won most of the titles at the time of its announcement as an integral part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, the arrival of NBA 2K21 has also generated some controversy over how the game is offered to subscribers. It is in fact the "current gen" version so to speak, or the Xbox One version with the improvements expected for Xbox One X and playable in backward compatibility on Xbox Series X | S but it is not actually the next gen edition. This is due to the system used by 2K Sports for its game, basically divided into two distinct versions and sold in this way with a lot of paid upgrades, without using the official Smart Delivery. Apart from this, it is still an unmissable game for basketball fans, especially if they also subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass: to tell the truth NBA 2K21 has been received in a somewhat fluctuating way, because it offers very little news compared to its predecessors. in the face of a certain maintenance of critical elements such as micro-transactions, but it remains in itself an excellent simulation, as also confirmed by our review.

Star Wars: Squadrons (EA Play ) - Xbox, March

It does not yet have a precise date but we already mark it on the calendar as one of the most interesting releases of this March 2021 in Xbox Game Pass (and EA Play): we are talking about Star Wars Squadrons, or a mixture simulation / shooter based on the Star Wars universe. Recovering the tradition of the unforgettable simulations of LucasArts, X-Wing and Tie Fighter (with due proportions), the new game by Motive Studios manages to propose on the screens what is its main intent: to put us in the cockpit of the iconic ships and starfighters that characterize the tradition of Star Wars, on both sides of the Star Wars. To do this, it also renounces some aspects that can be considered secondary with a premise of the genre, but which would still have pleased the fans: in this case, Star Wars Squadrons is almost a pure simulation, with shooter elements, therefore it does not have a single player campaign with particularly long and developed history, preferring to focus on flight and immediate action. However, it manages to offer a convincing, albeit obviously imaginative, reproduction of piloting starfighters, with a guidance system that also appears deep, so much so that it truly seems a sort of simulation. Dogfight is probably the soul of the gaming experience, but it's easy to find yourself in highly spectacular situations that make us feel truly inside the world of Star Wars. More information about it in the review by Pierpaolo Greco.

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