WandaVision, latest episode: all references and quotes

WandaVision, latest episode: all references and quotes

WandaVision, latest episode

With the prophetic title of Series Finale, the adventure of WandaVision comes to an end, the series inspired by the two Avengers that kept us companions for eight weeks on Disney +. A final episode that kept fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on their toes, who until the end were waiting for excellent appearances, such as Doctor Strange, but who were nevertheless satisfied with an extremely exciting episode and with two post credit scenes, ideal launches. for two highly anticipated future Marvel Cinematic Universe chapters, Secret Wars and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Being a miniseries tasked with being the MCU's first step in its Phase Four, WandaVision needed one last episode that managed to close the story presented, with a last idea that, as per tradition in the Marvel cinematic universe, presupposes future developments. We will talk about this elsewhere, focusing now on an aspect dear to Marvel fans: the hunt for easter eggs.

ATTENTION: The following contains a series of important spoilers on the ninth episode of WandaVision

Series Finale

Not Season Finale, but Series Finale. The title of the ninth episode of WandaVision therefore confirms the self-contained nature of this adventure by Wanda Maximoff, again appealing to its metanarrative characteristic that has linked this Disney + production to the typical language of television seriality.

Maghi, grimoires and rivalry

Now that she is officially a witch, Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, becomes part of a reality very different from what she imagined, starting to clash with those who would like to take possession of the immense power she holds. Like Agatha Harkness, who intends to steal her incredible magical power after learning her secrets from the Darkhold, the magical tome we've seen in her lair in previous episodes.

Linked to the magic of the demon Chthon, the Darkhold is not new in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it appeared, albeit in another form, also in another canonical Marvel series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just citing these ancient knowledge, Agatha claims that the Scarlet Witch is a sorceress so powerful that she can overcome even the magic of the Sorcerer Supreme. She or Doctor Strange, which could lead us to think that in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness we could see a clash between the two!

Even if Wanda, initially, does not seem to accept being a witch. Speaking with the Vision created in this illusion of hers, she alludes to the fact that her contact with the Soul Stone changed her, as if she were seeking a more scientific genesis for her powers, but before the end of Series Finale it is undeniable that Wanda has now become the fearsome Scarlet Witch.

A transformation that also takes place visually, with Wanda finally wearing an outfit that brings her closer to some of her most recent comic declinations. Above all, her traditional chaplet appears, which within the MCU could be the manifestation of magical powers of great magnitude, considering that previously a magical tiara had also appeared on the forehead of Agatha's mother during her trial at Salem.

Visions of Vision

The appearance of White Vision at the end of In previous episodes had stunned the viewers of WandaVision. A comparison between the two different versions of the syntezoid present in this series was inevitable, a comparison that took place in the Final Series, which after an initial physical clash moved to a more logical level, citing the famous paradox of the ship of Theseus, principle of metaphysics referred to the preservation and persistence of the original identity of things and objects.

Considering that the two Vision represent, albeit in different ways, parts of the original syntezoid that died during Avengers: Infinity War, this philosophical quote is particularly fitting, especially when we witness what seems to be the rebirth of a vision similar to the original one. An event that took place in an Avengers story arc in the 1990s.

Replicas or Replicants?

When the Hex collapses, we see that the Westview theater had a movie scheduled: Tannhauser Gate Put the fun in Dysfunction. The reference is to Blade Runner and the famous monologue by Roy Batty improvised during the filming by Rutger Hauer, in which the Gates of Tannoiser, Italian translation of Tannhauser Gate, were mentioned.

Look at the sky

In the first of the two post-credit scenes, we see Monica, now a super hero, being contacted by an FBI agent of her escorting her to the Westview theater where she is supposed to meet an old friend of her mother. When the woman is revealed to be a skrull shapeshifter, it becomes clear that she is the mysterious man: Nick Fury. As seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the spy played by Samuel L. Jackson is back in action and has none other than a space base instead of a simple helicarrier as a new base. Considering the arrest of the current head of SWORD, one wonders if the agency is not now entrusted to Monica, with a new space base as in the Marvel comics

Voices from the future

In the second post credit scene we see Wanda, who has taken refuge in a remote valley in the mountains, trying to learn the secrets of the Darkhold. It is interesting to note that at the same time there is a Wanda who leads an apparently normal existence and one of her the version of her Scarlet Witch who manipulates the Darkhold with magical force. The ability to project herself onto the astral plane, as seen also by Stephen Strange, is a manifestation of her powers, which therefore allow her to move on two existential planes at the same time.

The real curiosity, however, is to feel the voice of her imaginary children, who suddenly call her desperate. Could this be Doctor Strange's triggering event in The Multiverse of Madness, with the Sorcerer Supreme countering Wanda's maternal desperation in search of her children in the multiverse?

WandaVision: Series Finale

WandaVision ends with the Series Finale. Without underestimating the strong impact that the Marvel serial will have on the continuity of the MCU, this production must be recognized for having taken the narrative style of the Marvel saga in a new direction, less action and more focused on the emotional construction of the characters. Having two figures who did not have particular importance in the main MCU plot such as Wanda and Vision certainly granted an important margin of maneuver, which allowed the writers to be able to set the narration of the series in an original way, playing with the viewer. .

WandaVision remains an interesting serial experiment, which despite having a greater metanarrative momentum in the first two episodes, then preferred to mitigate this stylistic variation by approaching a more traditional narrative, but still focused on the emotional characterization of Wanda, defining the woman before the heroine, exalting her deep humanity.

One of the most impactful consequences of WandaVision on the MCU is that of having provided a potential female figure of reference, now that the role previously played by Black Widow is vacant. At present, although Captain Marvel can already boast its own cinematic adventure, Wanda is the most interesting and complex female character, thanks also to the excellent interpretation of Elizabeth Olsen. We just have to find out how his new powers will upset the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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