Self-declaration in the red zone: where to download it

Self-declaration in the red zone: where to download it

Self-declaration in the red zone

From today, Italy is again largely in the grip of the "red zone" in compliance with the contagion containment measures. This time, however, it has a special value because, in all likelihood, it will be the last real general squeeze: the aim is to lower the infection curve, ease the pressure on hospital structures and allow the vaccination campaign to pick up the pace with the progressive arrival of the sera already authorized by the EMA.

From today, therefore, many Italian regions will again be forced into their homes and for each one a fundamental download is available: this is the self-declaration that allows you to justify your travels.

How to download the self-declaration

The self-declaration for travel in Italy can be downloaded here: PDF.

The self-declaration for entry into Italy can be downloaded here: PDF.

It should be remembered as movements are prohibited, except for:

proven work needs health reasons other reasons allowed by current regulations (vague wording to comply with all the nuances that will emerge during this new phase of restrictions) The PDF can be compiled online before being printed. It cannot be stored in digital form (although many had requested it, this operation was not validated during the months of the pandemic) and must therefore be delivered in paper form to the police in case of checks on the roads.

All that is behind a click

Behind this gesture, which for many Italians is equivalent only to a click to download and one to print, there is actually a forest of small skills that large sections of the population do not possess. The ISTAT data have recently confirmed this: even the simple printing of a PDF can become an insurmountable obstacle for those who do not have a PC, a connection, a printer and the minimum knowledge to be able to find the right document.

In this context is useless to blame those who are trying to enforce the regulations with a self-certification (a tool also used at European level), those who try to disclose it electronically or those who are unable to align themselves: more simply behind this simple gesture lurk all the chronic delays accumulated in recent decades. Delays that we are now paying all together. The recovery in 2020 was strong: many more families have equipped themselves with the necessary tools, the SPID has reached over 10 million citizens and cashback is leading more and more families towards cashless payments.

While clicking , it is worth thinking if there are people around us who do not have the ability or the possibility to make that click: even a few more presses can be an appreciated gesture of solidarity.

Half of Italy in the red zone, what can be done and what not

The last weekend of freedom ends before the closures that will accompany Italy until Easter Monday: from today 48 million Italians from 10 regions plus the Province of Trento are in the red zone to ease coronavirus infections.

The other regions, except Sardinia in the white area, are in the orange area.

The decree published on Friday in the Official Gazette cancels the yellow color from the Italian regions until April 6.

The Government has published the new faq, which indicate the restrictions that regulate citizens.

TRAVEL - In the red zone, only travel is allowed for 'proven reasons for work, health or necessity', as well as the return to one's residence, domicile or home. Visits to friends or relatives or to another private home for reasons other than work, health or necessity are prohibited until April 2 and on April 6. On 3, 4 and 5 April - and this also applies to the orange areas - it will instead be allowed, once a day, to move to another inhabited private house in the same region, between 5 and 22, for a maximum of two people, in addition to those already living together in the destination home. The person or two people who move will still be able to bring their children under the age of 14 with them

SECOND HOUSES - In the red zone it is possible to reach second houses, even in another region (to and from any area: white, yellow, orange, red), but only for those who can prove that they have actually been entitled to go to the same property before January 14, 2021. All subsequent entitlements are excluded (including short leases not subject to registration). The house of destination must not be inhabited by people not belonging to the family unit cohabiting with the entitled person and only the same unit can go there.

SELF -DECLARATION - In the red zone you must always be able to demonstrate that the movement is among those permitted, also by means of a self-declaration that can be made on pre-printed forms already supplied to the police forces.

PLACES OF WORSHIP - In the red zone it is possible to move to reach the place of worship closest to home. Religious functions with the participation of people can be carried out, as long as they comply with the protocols signed by the Government with their respective confessions.

WALKS AND SPORTS - In the red zone, walks and outdoor physical activities are allowed only in the vicinity of one's home, with the obligation to respect one meter away from other people. Ok also to sporting activity exclusively in the territory of one's own municipality, from 5 to 22, individually and outdoors, maintaining the interpersonal distance of two meters. If you run or bike, you can also 'cross over' into the territory of another municipality, 'as long as this movement remains functional only to the sporting activity itself and the final destination coincides with the municipality of departure'.

BARS AND RESTAURANTS - In the red zone it is always forbidden to consume food and drinks inside the restaurants and other catering activities and in their vicinity. Takeaway is allowed from 5am to 10pm; home delivery is allowed without time limits. The restaurants of the hotels are open for customers who stay there, even in the red zone. Therefore, catering is allowed (without time limits) only within the hotel or accommodation facility where you are staying.

SHOPS AND MARKETS - In the red zone, only commercial activities that sell food or basic necessities remain open. The retail sale of items for early childhood is also allowed. Stores that sell clothing or footwear for both adults and children may remain open for the sole sale of children's products, closing other areas.

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