Proof, Honda e: recognizable style and surprising interior

Proof, Honda e: recognizable style and surprising interior

Proof, Honda e

Personality. Difficult to find a more suitable word to describe the new Honda e. The Japanese electric has a particularly successful style, with rounded and functional lines that convince: it is impossible not to recognize it on the street. Less than four meters long, it has city-proof dimensions but a trunk capable of cramming no more than a cabin trolley. The Honda project is suitable for those looking for a car to move around on a daily basis, especially facing urban sections and challenging traffic.

The electric motor delivers 136 or 154 Hp for 315 Nm of maximum torque: a very positive value that allows you to reach 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds. The difference in power is not perceived. An indicative figure that, however, will hardly be appreciated in the city, where it is more common to take advantage of 0-60 km / h, but which gives the idea of ​​the good performance of the car. The drive is rear and Honda and moves with great ease and agility, it has excellent brilliance, light and precise steering, effective regenerative braking and a comfortable and dominant driving position. The small dimensions are also useful for evaluating overall dimensions and distances with extreme precision, in case of maneuvering and parking.

The permanent magnet synchronous electric motor is powered by a 35.5 kWh lithium ion battery (modules are manufactured by Panasonic and assembled by Honda). The data being tested have approved a range of 250 km, in reality it is difficult to travel more than 150/180 km, depending on road conditions and the driving path. In the city, it is likely to reach almost 200 km with a full tank of electricity, because thanks to the regenerative braking, often used, it is possible to recover some charge. Venturing on fast-flowing stretches and motorways, the Honda suffers and the range drops much more quickly. Here it is difficult to cover more than 130/150 km on a full tank.

Despite the low range, far from the city, Honda is appreciated for its excellent driving dynamics, indeed, it is between the curves that it succeeds to exalt: the geometry of the rear suspension is very refined compared to the competition and the suspension is very solid and stable. The few kilometers that can be traveled with a full tank of electricity remain an important limitation if you want to use the car also to tackle long journeys, if there is no alternative, Honda has set up direct current charging up to a maximum of 100 kW. Using a rapid column, 80% charge can be recovered in about 30 minutes. The most convenient solution (and for which Honda has been designed) remains the use of the car for short daily trips, and then at the end of the day recharging in alternating current: the maximum absorption power is 7.4 kW and for a full charge takes 4.1 hours.

If Honda has been on the road and has demonstrated good behavior, it is life on board that surprises. The organization of the space is rational, the lack of mechanical parts has allowed the Japanese technicians to obtain a good habitability in relation to the size; legroom in the front area is plentiful. The choice was to offer a cabin that was very technological and avant-garde: the dashboard is entirely digital and is made up of screens throughout its width; the outer ones show the images of the cameras that replace the side mirrors; in front of the driver the dashboard with speed and gear indications; in the center, a double 12.3 ″ screen for the on-board entertainment system and navigation.

The graphics are clean and the various functions can be activated intuitively. Honda has kept the physical buttons for air conditioning control and adjustment. Great. It is one of the richest proposals available on a car today, and is a standard configuration for every Honda e. The coverings seem to take their cue from the world of furniture and in general the feeling returned is that of a small living room. The seats are upholstered in fabric, are large and very comfortable, have soft padding and convince with ergonomics. The steering wheel has an excellent grip.

Honda and has proved to be a top-level product: unique and recognizable style, refined driving dynamics and state-of-the-art standard equipment. The greatest uncertainty remains the autonomy, if in the city you can travel around 200 km with a full load of energy, facing the fast-flowing sections it is difficult to travel more than 130/150 km. Fortunately, the car supports direct current charging. Another minus point is the luggage compartment capacity. The list price is quite high: prices start at € 35,900.

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