MotoGP 21 | Preview

MotoGP 21 | Preview

Motorcycles or cars? Two or four wheels? Basically it is a matter of taste. What is undeniable is how men, in every aspect of life, always try to push themselves to the maximum and it is from this essential need that the most prestigious categories of competitions relating to both types of vehicles come to life: Formula 1 and MotoGP. Each type of championship obviously gives life to a unique show that regularly gathers around itself its fans, its icons, its marketing and obviously its licensed video games.

If the field of single-seaters is now dominated by Codemasters with its annual F1, the sector of two-wheeled racing cars is proudly occupied by the very Italian Milestone who every year presents us with an evolution of its MotoGP, gradually updated based on the current championship. The start of the 2021 World Championship is set for Sunday 28 March, while the title dedicated to it will be released shortly after: for 22 April of this same year. We had the honor of previewing this new chapter of the motorcycle epic made in Milestone on PC. Let's see together what this title has in store for us and what novelties will distinguish this production from the past ones.

Winning team doesn't change

What appears immediately clear is how with MotoGP 21 you don't have to dealing with a revolution but with an evolution, of a product that should still be counted as the flagship of the Milanese company. The attention to detail and general finishing here always has that pleasant something extra that puts MotoGP 21 a step higher than the other titles on the Milestone shelf. But let's go step by step.

The menus are the typical ones and I would dare to say tested by the developer, with the classic tile structure that allows you to access the various aspects of the game. The modes and functions are the classic ones of a racing title and are divided into individual events, among which we can include time trials and grand prixes focused on a single circuit. Obviously in the definitive edition of MotoGP 21 it will be possible to access a pleasant career mode renewed according to current standards, which will allow you to create your own team and a personalized staff that will guide you in choosing the best strategy for conquering the world of the world championship.

In the final version of the game you will have the opportunity to access all the main categories on two wheels starting from the current MotoGP, moving towards the minor categories of Moto2 and Moto3 and traveling through time with the historic motorcycles of the seasons previous. As always, Milestone's scale leans more towards the simulation side, offering a multilayered and adjustable title according to the different needs of the public, but still not open to everyone. The declared intent of the Italian developer is to offer a genuine and realistic experience of MotoGP.

Options and more options

What we like about Milestone games, and in particular this MotoGP 21 , consists of the depth in terms of customization and options. We are not referring only to the configurations dedicated to audio, video and controls, but to the game in its entirety. Once again we find a great variety of interventions available in terms of aesthetic tuning of the rider, of the motorcycles and even of the decals. It is even possible to create customized graphics with a powerful editor and then make the various creations available to the online community.

What temporarily disappoints instead lies in the editing of the physical appearance of the virtual runner, for which we will be able to choose from only a few prepackaged faces. We hope that in the final version of the title some more possibilities will be added under this aspect. On the other hand, nothing is missing in terms of configuring your driving style, which can range from a semi-simulation with automatic management of most parameters to a brutal simulation that will necessarily require the use of a joystick to avoid falls at every corner. sudden or dangerous surges. Unfortunately in the version we tested the controller had not yet been implemented, but from experience we tell you that using it or not using it could completely change the result of a race, especially in a title like this where at the highest levels we will even have to manage independently front and rear brake.

The bike can be completely customized: tires, fuel quantity, suspension, electronics and even brake discs. The enthusiast will be able to indulge in infinite combinations that will lead him to create the perfect vehicle for his driving style. And you can feel the difference: the way of approaching the circuit changes according to each factor. The weather must be taken into consideration, which can also vary in real time: a dry and safe track can turn into a slippery and wet hell in no time at all. The electronics can be activated at various levels by drastically changing the reactivity and nervousness of the bike. Each category of motorcycle differs slightly in terms of handling and accompanies the rider with a well-diversified roar of the engine.

A little more wax

Graphically MotoGP 21 marks Milestone's transition to next gen with a good leap forward compared to the previous chapter especially from the point of view of lighting and the level of general detail. Unfortunately, however, the typical flaws of the titles developed by the Milanese company still remain. There is always a certain static nature of the surrounding elements of the circuit, some polygonal interpenetrations remain and the falls from the bike, cleverly hidden, show however a rider characterized by an ungainly and unsatisfactory physics.

The vehicles and the circuits they are however well made and it is nice to see the efforts made in livening up the pits and the starting line, characterized by engineers, mechanics, journalists, valleys and drivers, each intent on doing what they should. Unfortunately, the faces are what they are, a bit dull and lost in the void and the level of detail of the characters seems to be in line with the standards of a few years ago. The animations, on the other hand, are more credible and convincing, with small details that satisfy the eye, a bit like when the rider gets off the bike to adjust his suit. The performance of the asphalt and the weather effects are beautiful. In short, MotoGP 21, despite experiencing ups and downs, graphically already in this version is at good levels.

Everything else

In the definitive edition of the game we will find an I.A. even cleaner than the already good one of the preview version. A.N.N.A., the dynamic artificial intelligence already tested in Ride 4, is back. The riders aim for victory, but are also capable of making mistakes and learning. What sometimes does not convince lies in the tendency of the opponents to come at us, as if in the end we were not present on the track. The game knows this and in fact forgives more the contacts between riders than the exits outside the circuit, decidedly more punitive.

In the complete title, alternatively to the automatic respawn, you will have to proceed with the manual recovery of the bike by the rider . Once again then there is the convenient rewind function that can still be disabled by the most zealous players. All the rules and penalties that distinguish the world championship will be present. Finally, for those who want to make other opponents in the flesh eat the dust it will also be possible to take part in online competitions that Milestone presents to us as stable and widely customizable.

In light of all this we can only recommend to everyone fans of realism and MotoGP to keep an eye on this homegrown product. It will not be the definitive driving experience, but it is certainly an excellent example of what our beautiful country can offer in terms of gaming and undoubtedly the best virtual experience dedicated to the world championship!

If this preview has convinced you, you can book MotoGP 21 here.

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