I'll win the Receipt Lottery (but not too)

I'll win the Receipt Lottery (but not too)

The first monthly payment of the Receipt Lottery ended with the deadline of February 28th. On 11 March there will be the first draw for the receipts registered in February and there are 10 prizes worth 100 thousand euros to be won. One of these prizes will probably win the undersigned, or rather: the undersigned is certainly much more likely to win than anyone else. The problem is that, unfortunately, the prize cannot be collected. That's why.

Lottery of Receipts, I have more than 13 thousand virtual tickets

To check how many virtual tickets have been able to accrue during the month of February, you must go to your Reserved Area of ​​the Lottery Portal. Both the registered receipts and the number of virtual tickets obtained will be shown. Each euro of registered expenditure corresponds to 1 virtual ticket: 5 euro represent 5 tickets, 10 euro represent 10 tickets and 13484 euro represent 13484 tickets.

How? Do you think it impossible to spend 13484 euros? But it is possible and my Personal Area of ​​the Lottery Portal testifies:

To be exact, the valid receipts are 549 and the virtual tickets are 13408: 3 additional tickets, for 80 Total virtual tickets, on the other hand, were already accrued today and therefore valid for the next draw in April (relative to the month of March).

However, there is a big problem. The truth is that I did not make these transactions myself. Nor can I have any idea who it might be.

The problem

The problem was promptly reported to SOGEI for verification. However, the support service did not pay too much attention to the problem, limiting itself to reiterating what (unfortunately) we already knew: to be able to collect the winnings, it is necessary to demonstrate that the payment of the receipt was made with a payment system in the name of the same holder of the Code. Lottery. If the header does not correspond, simply, the winnings would not be valid.

Since only 2 receipts out of 549 were produced by the undersigned, the other 547 have in fact no validity: they represent only an empty dream of glory for me and for those who have used my code to register their receipts.

Register of receipts

This is the support response to the report sent:

Dear User, only receipts issued with his lottery code will participate in the draw. Furthermore, the holder of the lottery code must be the same holder of the electronic payment instrument used for the purchase.

However, the fundamental question remains to the Lottery, to Life and to everything: why has someone produced a code that is not your own and records it when you make your purchases, probably in the belief that you have done something good to change your life for the better thanks to the possibility of winning 100 thousand euros?

Maybe we understand the why.

What happened

What happens is a fairly incredible crossing of errors, which however leads to a short circuit that could give me the thrill of a "You won!" which will never have followed any exultation. A few months ago, in fact, on this same site we told what the Receipt Lottery was and we produced some graphics with the very first Lottery Code: those pages contained all the instructions to be able to proceed with the registration of your personal codes and thus participate to the draws. Everything was very clear and transparent.

But the images we produced were "stolen" by some sites that wanted to bring their contents online on the Lottery, without any credit to the source from which they were inspired.

Google (which in this demonstrates how the algorithms are sometimes lucid, but often not very meritocratic) has well indexed these stolen images and in some cases has placed them even higher than the source that originally published them: who search for the receipt lottery on the Mountain View search engine, then, you will find a Lottery Code prominently. That of the undersigned. This:

Warning: FAC-SIMILE, not to be used to participate in the Receipt Lottery

This is not the only Lottery Code on the engine, on the contrary: there are many, all used with the same exemplary function. The fact that ours has been brought to better indexing and has spread to sites that are "inspired" by it, however, has probably focused the attention of those who have not understood what the Lotteries is and wanted to participate without spending us on even few minutes of reading.

Landing on this image without knowing anything about the lottery in question, in all probability one is somehow led to believe that it is enough to print the image itself to be automatically registered for the game. On the page where the image is contained, however, everything was explained very clearly: the code is personal and the game does not admit ignorance.

And so the short circuit exploded. In the next few hours, the code will be deactivated, so that no one can appropriate it again. Those who are using it will probably notice some malfunction and maybe land on this same article, understanding how before participating in a game it is necessary to read - at least - the instructions.

Too bad: the undersigned had never bought so many tickets of the lottery all together. But to do this I would have had to travel far and wide across Italy, because the expenses made are recorded throughout the boot. Small vain hopes scattered almost everywhere, which are still a drop in the bucket as for any lottery.

Good extraction, with the hope that you can win 100,000 euros. And that the code is actually yours.

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