History of the Måneskin, who in Sanremo 2021 "made the revolution"

History of the Måneskin, who in Sanremo 2021 made the revolution

History of the Måneskin

Portrait of a winning rock band. Which was born by chance, he finished second to X Factor, obscuring the first classified (which we don't even remember anymore) and at 2.30 on Sunday 7 March he took the rampant lion and another satisfaction: bringing the old Festival closer to the next generation

(Photo: Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images) The line-up: Damiano David is the frontman, charismatic and irreverent; Victoria De Angelis, the bassist of Danish origin, Thomas Raggi, the little genius of the riff, Ethan Torchio, the mystic of the roll. Together they make 81 years. And the rock band from Rome that surprisingly, but not too much, won Sanremo 2021. In the ranking on Friday night, before the televoting intervention, the Måneskin were already in good shape: fifth. Until then, however, the positions had been determined by the opinion poll jury, the press room and the orchestra. Then, in the final, the fans took them straight to the podium, definitively canceling the uphill start with the accusations of plagiarism from social media for their Shut up and good and quickly denied. And so, in the Festival with the youngest and most social audience in history, the artists competing with the most comments on Twitter and the endorsment of Vasco Rossi who revealed on Instagram that he "cheered for them" triumphed. The victory post: “We dedicate it to that teacher who always told us to be quiet and good. # Sanremo2021 ".

Before # Sanremo2021, the history of the Måneskin (in Danish, moonlight), as you can imagine, is recent. They became a band in 2015, due to chance. Vic and Thomas were already playing together in high school, they were Psycho Playground, they were looking for vocals and drums, they tried Damiano and the next day Ethan, found on Facebook. They broke their ranks playing in the street, in social centers, in small and ugly clubs in Rome, Faenza, Denmark ... everywhere. They also participated in several contests. The leap in quality: X Factor 2017 edition. And there, with a single, Chosen, written in 15 minutes and going platinum in a couple of weeks (with the hit Follow me / Follow me now?), They came second, obscuring the first place, which we don't even remember anymore , and have earned the title of "new Rolling Stones". Exaggerated? But so be it. At that point, instead of disappearing like most of the talent contestants now, they released the right hits: I will die as a king, Torna a casa, which reached the top of the FIMI Top Singles, up to the studio album of debut: The dance of life, which was followed by a long sold out tour in Europe. At the end of 2020, the announcement: Sanremo 2021 among the big names.

Damiano dei i Måneskin (frame) The idea of ​​bringing the song Zitti e buona to the Amadeus and Fiorella Festival came naturally, the Måneskin said at a press conference. "We thought: 'wow, it reflects us so much and it's so wrong for the Ariston that it almost becomes right'. We are happy to bring it to a historic and important stage, where we are used to listening to songs that reflect other canons. Many think that it is necessary to adapt and homologate, instead we are demonstrating that it is not necessary to do so, because if one is honest and genuine this thing pays off, whatever piece you bring to the stage ".

Completely themselves, nonconformists, intolerant to labels that divide the world into masculine and feminine (who said that nail polish is a woman?), irreverent even in their looks, are the perfect testimonials of Generation Z. And now that they have managed to bring it to Sanremo ("We made the revolution!"), They already have the next goal in the pipeline: on March 19, Teatro d'ira - Vol. 1 is released, a record that will tell what they lived in London in recent times and will constitute the first step in a larger project with the aim of unhinging prejudices and stereotypes. And the detractors, the haters, the critics: quiet and good.

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Lots of gifs for those who missed the last evening of Sanremo 2021

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The final without end of Sanremo 2021. Which yet I already miss

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Måneskin win Sanremo 2021 (and here is the complete ranking)


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