Chiara Ferragni rules also in Sanremo. And the controversy breaks out

Chiara Ferragni rules also in Sanremo. And the controversy breaks out

Blonde Salad's social power helps the Fedez-Michielin duo to reach the podium. The Måneskin win, but the web arises and Codacons are already thinking of legal actions to cancel the race

"I'm not believing it" with this tweet Fedez comments on the unexpected (?) Positioning in the podium trio of the 71st Festival of Sanremo. What we will all remember both for the lack of public and for the background of melancholy that did not really want to give up, despite the efforts of the talented (it is appropriate to say it!) Amadeus and Fiorello.

By the way, the presence of Fedez and Francesca Michielin among the eligible candidates for victory was not taken very well by the tweeters who have taken the place of the stalls whistles (absent due to a pandemic) of the Ariston. And they chirped things like "It's called" My wife has 22 million followers and unfortunately she has more televoting than the vote of people who really understand music ". Sleep peacefully Federí, if you win it's just for that "or" Know that if you win the Codacons he comes to your house with pitchforks ". And indeed the Coordination of associations for the defense of the environment and the protection of the rights of users and consumers, had sent a warning from the microphones of the Adnkronos underlining that it would have supervised the impartiality of the race, only to then thunder that "the festival regulations provides a level playing field for all the artists in the competition, and if this is violated by external interventions aimed at altering the final ranking of the event, the same ranking risks being canceled ".

Indeed this time the Codacons, if it wanted to initiate legal actions aimed at invalidating an anomalous vote, perhaps it would not be completely wrong. Fedez and Michielin in the general classification, after the fourth evening on Thursday, adding the votes of the opinion poll jury, the orchestra and the Press Office, were only seventeenth. To their rescue, however, came Our Lady of influencers, the khaleesi of Instagram who unleashed her 23 million dragons-followers to ignite televoting. An unequal battle, to the sound of stories and posts (scion of the Ferragnez house and Fedez-Michielin hardbacks included), which saw one big one succumb in the race (much more) deserving as the List Representative (just over 58 thousand followers), Colapesce (almost 61 thousand) and Dimartino (37 thousand) and the Extraliscio (even only 6855).

A final that reminded us of when, in 2009 and 2010, Marco Carta and Valerio Scanu won thanks to the Fanbase of Amici di Maria De Filippi which literally blocked the televoting. Now that the talents have lost their bite, but the real stars are on social networks, being able to stem such a phenomenon is not at all easy. After all, an artist cannot be excluded a priori, perhaps with a good piece, only because he is connected to a pool of possible votes that would distort the competition. Surely we need to make a (also) social reasoning (and) not only because, on the podium, the best songs arrive - and Call me by name is probably not among those of this edition - but because tomorrow (who can say?) A such power could convey much more important preferences such as those of politics. Think about it if a caterpillar like Ferragni made an endorsement to some party or if, in a few years, it decided to found one and put his face to it. As things stand, the Presidency of the Council could reach it without a shot being fired. A thought that must be done while listening to the talented Måneskin who snatched the gold medal from Fedez and Michielin (a budding Tota Cutugna, since also in 2016 he finished second with No degree of separation). Their Zitti e buona, in addition to bringing rock back to victory exactly 28 years after the Mystery of Enrico Ruggeri, is a beautiful card of Italy to play at the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe the super Ferragni with her followers all over the world will give a little help so that Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan also win in Rotterdam and - finally! - the most camp international festival on the planet also comes to us. An eventuality that, given the times, would give a big hand to Italian tourism, which is not doing very well.

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