Father's Day 2021, the best gift ideas

Father's Day 2021, the best gift ideas

Father's Day 2021

Father's Day arrives on March 19 and it is therefore time to think about some gift ideas. Thing? Haven't you thought about it yet? No problem: in this top we have collected some nice ideas accessible to everyone and not very demanding, which we are sure will be able to give more than a few ideas to those who thought late what to give to their father.

Among the options that you we have proposed you will find articles for personal care, small technological accessories, decorative gadgets and, why not, even some thoughts for those who love to take care of their wine cellar or have an impeccable beard. Like other past occasions, for example Women's Day or Valentine's Day, this time too we will help you find the perfect gift according to your needs and, above all, offering you options that only concern items that will arrive by March 19th. , and also for this reason that our selection of products on Amazon,

In this regard, in order not to waste any more time, we leave you in front of our selection of gift ideas to give on the occasion of Father's Day 2021 , so make yourself comfortable and get ready to be advised. Ready for shopping? It begins!

Gift ideas for Father's Day

Bamboo notebook table Leather wallet Knife block Ergonomic chair with armrests Whiskey stones Beard care set Chocolate cigars Venchi Bose Portable Speaker Electric razor Braun Series 9

Bamboo PC stand

At a time when many of us are adopting work from home, there is nothing better than working comfortably in an armchair, on the sofa or on the bed. Of course, placing the laptop on your lap or using the mouse can be uncomfortable so why not opt ​​for a practical support that, in addition to reducing the weight of the devices, is also beautiful and ecological? This bamboo stand has two practical side supports and a tilt-adjustable base so you can use your notebook in the best possible way. On the right a small free portion also allows you to place a pad in order to use the mouse, although we advise you to evaluate a trackball for this setup.

Tommy Hilfiger leather wallet

The wallet is a very important accessory for men and not that simple to choose. This one by Tommy Hilfiger is made of leather and is spacious enough to accommodate even 100 euro bills comfortably inside. Then you know, in the wallet there end up business cards, notes, coins, credit cards, shopping lists and everything that can be folded at least four times and that sooner or later can be important. The inserts designed for the insertion of loyalty or prepaid cards, as well as the practical pocket dedicated to coins, are back in comfort.

Ceppo of knives

Lovers of grilling, cooking, come together! Raise your hand if you have never wanted a nice knife block with everything you need to chop, fillet, cut, clean, refine any food that ended up on your cutting board. Whether it's fish, meat or vegetables, this wooden block with non-slip feet consists of 5 knives of different sizes, a knife sharpener and a pair of scissors. There are six steak knives, a 20cm chef's knife, a paring knife, a utility knife, a 20cm slicing knife and finally a bread knife, all equipped with ergonomic handles and very practical to use.

Ergonomic armchair with armrests

If the bamboo PC stand does not convince you and you prefer a slightly more composed situation or at least work on a desk with all the necessary space at your disposal, an office chair is the best solution. If you know that the best dad in the world needs his space to work, then this Songmics alternative is for you. It is in fact equipped with height-adjustable armrests, wheels to move around and an imitation leather covering that gives a lot of comfort and softness even for prolonged work sessions.

Whiskey stones | € 15.99

As simple as it is effective. How many times has it happened to be among friends with a good bottle of vintage liqueur to be enjoyed strictly iced? The cellar is completely in order, the liqueur is there begging to be uncorked but then, once you open the freezer, you are confronted with the bitter truth: there is no ice. We can make sure that never happens again with this beautiful and elegant set of stone cubes specially designed to be left in the freezer and used in place of ice, so that they are not only always available but also to avoid stretching a liqueur precious with the water that comes from the melting of the ice. They can be washed and reused indefinitely, just remember to leave them in the freezer!

Beard care set Proraso | € 18.91

Anyone with a three-day or unkempt beard, a goatee, a mustache: whatever your style, you know that to keep your hair shiny and healthy, your beard must be cared for. There are several more or less complete beard care sets on the market. The one we have selected is among the most purchased on Amazon: with a cost of less than 20 euros, it is equipped with a bamboo comb, brush, regulator, scissors for finishing, shaving shampoo, oil and conditioner, to be able to take care of the beard. , keeping it thick and shiny.

Venchi chocolate cigars | € 24.00

We know very well that dad is greedy, a bit like we are, so what better way to take advantage of this holiday to share a moment and, why not, even a gift? Venchi chocolate cigars are a very nice idea to enjoy particular flavors, having a real cigar in your hands. In the selected package there are aromatic cigar, truffle and orange flavors, for concentrated and explosive flavors as befits a man who behind his majesty and strength hides all the sweetness that a father can dedicate to his son.

Bose Portable Speaker

Let's raise the budget a little and move on to a technological gift of the highest quality. In fact, the Bose Home Speaker 500 is not only an acoustic system, but also a smart speaker and a home automation control HUB thanks to the integrated Alexa voice assistant, the same that we also find on the Amazon Echo Dot. Equipped with Wi-Fi connection, it will be possible to access your favorite Playlists and radio stations with the command of your voice, or thanks to the buttons at the top. Added to this is a deep and rich audio that will warm your days with lots of good music.

Braun Series 9 | € 337.51

Then we come to one of the most popular razors, a real top of the range for everyday shaving, for all those dads who need to have a flawless and well-groomed face in every situation. The Braun Series 9 with self-cleaning dock is the ideal solution, thanks to five shaving elements that can effectively lift and cut hair right from the first stroke. Compared to the previous model, it offers a 20% more powerful battery with an autonomy of almost a month with regular use. It can also be used with foam, gel or in the shower thanks to its complete waterproofness.

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