Call Of Duty: Warzone, the best weapons and classes of Season 2

Call Of Duty: Warzone, the best weapons and classes of Season 2

Call Of Duty

Season 2 of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call Of Duty: Warzone has been available for a few weeks now. We have already extensively discussed the news introduced by this update in our dedicated special. Today, after spending a few tens of hours with the famous battle royale, we finally feel ready to recommend some classes to use in Warzone. In Season 2 two very interesting new weapons have been added, while others have been modified in their parameters to find a better balance in the game. So if you want to dominate the Call Of Duty battle royale matches, in this article you will find the best classes that you can currently use. Obviously each of them requires a rather advanced level of weapons, so you can equip all the accessories to make it truly devastating.

In this regard, in recent weeks we have already published a simple guide with which you will be able to quickly increase the level of weapons in the game. But now let's go into our armory and see what are the best classes and weapons to use in Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 2.


Black Ops Cold War FFAR Automatic Assault Rifle A classic pairing with one of the best assault rifles is back once again along with a tactical rifle that doesn't it certainly needs no introduction. The KAR98K in this configuration is clearly used as a sniper rifle, thanks to its 7x zoom optics, perfect for long-range combat with truly enviable firepower and accuracy. The FFAR, on the other hand, excels in medium-short range clashes, behaving like a mix between an assault rifle and a submachine gun. It goes without saying that in this configuration this FFAR is the ideal weapon to combine with any sniper or tactical rifle, to have a versatile class ready to face any situation:

Volata: Agency Suppressor Canna: 21.2 "Ranger Under barrel: Field Agent Grip Ammunition: Save 50 Rnd Fast MAg Stock: Raider Stock

Modern Warfare KAR98K tactical rifle The ideal configuration for the KAR98K has remained almost identical for several months and requires the use of the following accessories :

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor Barrel: Singuard Custom 27.6 "Laser: Tak Laser Optics: Sniper Scope Stock: STVOL Precision Comb If you love to play with a sniper rifle, this class will give you enormous satisfaction, both in the su Rebirth Island than in Verdansk. Good fun!

MAC 10

Black Ops Cold War MAC 10 submachine gun Once again we must mention the MAC 10 as the best submachine gun currently available in Warzone. Its cadence and mobility are still unmatched and will make you dominate the close range fights. However, it must be configured in the following way to get the most out of this weapon:

Volata: Agency Suppressor Barrel: 5.9 "Task Force Under barrel: Field Agent Grip Ammunition: STANG 53 Rnd Drum Stock: Raider Stock As we will see later , the MAC 10 can be used as a secondary weapon in numerous classes for Warzone, so having it at a good level with all accessories unlocked is always an advantage.

M16 and AUG

Tactical Rifle Black Ops Cold War M16 Burst Let's go right now to see two rifles perfect to pair with the MAC 10. Both the AUG and the M16 tactical rifle are excellent burst weapons. If you are a sufficiently accurate aiming player you can really destroy the your opponents thanks to their firepower. If configured with the right accessories they will also get a decent mobility for medium-short range fights, so you can defend yourself from sudden attacks. Their configuration is almost identical a, but let's see the M16 first:

Sprint: Agency Silencer Barrel: 15.9 "Strike Team Under barrel: Field Agent Foregrip Ammunition: Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag Optics: Axial Arms 3x

Rifle d Black Ops Cold War AUG burst assault Below you will find the best accessories for AUG:

Volata: Agency Silencer Barrel: 18.2 "Strike Team Under barrel: Field Agent Foregrip Ammunition: Salvo 54 Rnd Fast Mag Viewfinder: Visiontech 2x or Axial Arms 3x At short distances you will have your trusty MAC 10 which will allow you to move quickly and engage in firefights inside homes and other enclosed places. A truly excellent and very versatile class.


NAGA operator with the new FARA 83 assault rifle of Season 2 If you are tired of using the FFAR as an assault rifle, Season 2 has introduced a weapon very similar to it. This FARA 83 will allow you to destroy your opponents at medium to short distances, thanks to its truly excellent "time-to-kill". With the following configuration you will get an assault rifle with a high mobility and a cadence very similar to the FFAR, therefore excellent to be used with a KAR98K at its side:

Volata: Agency Suppressor Canna: 16.5 "Ultralight Under Barrel: Field Agent Grip Ammo: Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag Soccer: KGB Pad This weapon unlocks for free with the Season 2 Battle Pass and can be easily leveled in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.


LC10 submachine gun with variable color camouflage The MAC 10 has also found its potential rival in Black Ops Cold War Season 2. The LC10 submachine gun is very reminiscent of Modern Warfare's MP7 weapon with the its high accuracy and cadence. Although it is a submachine gun, therefore typically not very precise, it can also be used at medium distances, especially thanks to the following configuration:

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor Barrel: 13.9 "Task Force Under barrel: Field TO gent Grip Ammunition: STANG 55 Rnd Soccer: Raider Stock It too can be unlocked directly with the Battle Pass of the game completely free. We recommend that you try it with an assault rifle, tactical rifle or light machine gun.


Black Ops Cold War MP5 submachine gun Let's see now another very good submachine gun, even if not at the level of MAC 10. This Black Ops Cold War MP5 is in able to destroy opponents in close combat with lots of ammunition and high mobility. It can be the perfect match for the weapons that we will go to later, in order to create a very versatile class. So let's see its ideal configuration for this Season 2:

Sprint: Agency Suppressor Barrel: 9.5 "Task Force Under barrel: Field Agent Grip Ammunition: STANG 50 Rnd Drum Sight: Microflex LED A truly devastating mix, ideal for both novice players and battle royale experts. It turns out to be particularly powerful especially in Rebirth Island, but it doesn't look bad even in Verdansk.

DMR 14

Black's DMR 14 tactical rifle Ops Cold War The DMR 14 is also back in style. This weapon was undoubtedly the best in the beginning of Season 1, so much so that many players loved and hated it at the same time. , thus becoming much more balanced. However, it remains an excellent tactical shotgun to be used at medium-long distances with the following configuration:

Muzzle: Agency Silencer Barrel: 17.1 "Cavalry Lancer Under barrel: Field Agent Foregrip Ammunition : 30 Rnd Optics: Axial Arms 3x As a secondary weapon for this class we recommend the aforementioned MP5, or any other submachine gun that can withstand the clashes at short distances.


Modern Warfare GRAU Automatic Assault Rifle The popular GRAU, the best long-range assault rifle, also returns. This weapon was also particularly popular in the first months after Warzone's launch, especially thanks to its versatility. With the right accessories it can be devastating in virtually any situation, using the 60 round magazine and standard sight.

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor Barrel: Tempus 26.4 "Archangel Under barrel: Commando Foregrip Ammo: 60 Round Mags Laser : Tac Laser If you prefer to use it at medium range, remove the stock instead of the laser. Alternatively you can equip an MP5 as a secondary weapon to dominate close range fights.

Stoner 63

Black Ops Cold War Stoner 63 Light Machine Gun Finally we see one of the funniest light machine guns to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. We are clearly talking about the Stoner 63, which has given us a lot of satisfaction since its arrival in November. It can be used at medium-long distances with its rather generous magazines capable of firing a practically infinite amount of shots. With the following configuration you will be able to land enemies this very easily, using its high stability:

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor Barrel: 21.8 "Task Force Under-barrel: Field Agent Grip Optics: Visiontech 2x Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap This setup does not provide good mobility, so how secondary weapon we advise you to use any of the submachine guns mentioned above. In particular we want to suggest the new LC10.

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