Six Invitational 2021 postponed to a later date: here's why

Six Invitational 2021 postponed to a later date: here's why
It was just over a week to start the Six Invitational 2021, with our Mkers ready to play their cards in Paris. Ubisoft, however, has just issued the following press release. On January 29, the French Prime Minister announced that the French borders would be closed to all non-EU travelers.

Following this announcement, Ubisoft, together with partner Live Nation, worked tirelessly to find a solution to be able to organize the physical edition of the Six Invitational 2021 in Paris in February as originally planned.

However, we have now learned that LAN esports events are no longer feasible in today's context, despite the rigorous health measures in place. As a result, we have no choice but to postpone the Six Invitational 2021 to a later date. While we are obviously disappointed that the Six Invitational will not take place this month as planned, we are now making a commitment to re-evaluate the situation and look for alternatives; we know fans are looking forward to both the upcoming changes planned for Rainbow Six Siege and the competition itself.

We're listening and working with organizations to find the best possible solutions. We will soon have more details on the precise impact this decision will have on rosters and the 2021 Season. For us, the Six Invitational is a way to celebrate the Siege community around the world, and it requires interregional matches to be a true international competition.

All of us have been eagerly awaiting the challenge between the regions and the conclusion of the race towards the Six Invitational, for which all professional teams have committed themselves since the launch of the 2020 Season in all regions. Due to the location of the servers, and to ensure maximum competitive integrity, such a competition can only take place by gathering all the participating teams in the same place.

Although our plans are constantly tested by evolution of the pandemic, we are all in the same boat. Our main goal is always the same: to offer the best possible experience to both our professional teams and our passionate community for the duration of the season, ensuring everyone's safety. We thank you for your continued support, your passion and your understanding. We are working hard, and will give you more information as soon as possible.

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