PS5 will have a next-gen VR headset! The first official details

PS5 will have a next-gen VR headset! The first official details

Even before seeing the PlayStation 5 for ourselves, Sony had already stated that the next generation console would support the previous PlayStation VR model. All without ever officially confirming whether the viewer would have evolved with a second model dedicated solely to PS5. Now here we are, with the Japanese company that has made official the existence of a new PlayStation VR by sharing with us the first official details on the new hardware.

PSVR With a new post published on the PlayStation Blog, Sony wanted to reveal just a few very first details on the new virtual reality headset coming to PS5. It is still very early to take a closer look at the design of the new VR, but we have been told some very interesting things. The controllers, for example, will be revised, and will offer a new experience that will, among other things, include some features already seen on the new DualSense controller such as haptic feedback.

The new virtual reality viewer will go to connect to PS5 again via a wired solution. This time only one cable will be needed, and this will improve the overall use and setup. On top of that, higher resolution and expanded field of view is also confirmed, which will allow gamers to immerse themselves in better ways in new ways on the experiences that will be released in the future.

As confirmed by Sony at the end of this new release, the new virtual reality headset still needs some development time, so it will not be launched in 2021. These statements by Sony only want to provide its fans with a more comprehensive view of what are the plans for PS5 from here to the near future. What do you think about this sudden announcement made by Sony? When do you expect to see something more concrete on the new VR headset for PS5?

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