PlayStation Store: Nioh Collection and Control Ultimate Edition

PlayStation Store: Nioh Collection and Control Ultimate Edition
PlayStation Store has seen the debut in the last two weeks of a series of highly relevant titles, in addition to these days Nioh Collection and Control Ultimate Edition, the latter downloadable for free by PlayStation Plus subscribers.

However, these are not the only contents of interest for PS5 and PS4</a> owners: among the new features of the Sony digital platform we also find the next-gen racer RIDE 4, the fascinating indie Cyber ​​Shadow and Hitman 3, the latest episode of the action series stealth by IO Interactive.

Nioh Collection

Debut on PlayStation 5 for Nioh and Nioh 2, the two chapters of the fascinating soulslike series by Team Ninja, set in a feudal Japan based on most powerful spirits and monsters. Collected in the Nioh Collection (€ 79.99), the titles have been remastered in order to exploit the capabilities of the new Sony console.

The original Nioh puts us in the shoes of William Adams, a character who really existed in the sixteenth century: an English navigator of Irish descent who reaches the Japanese coasts and who in the game is also a skilled fighter, who remains involved in a secret conflict between Yokai and humans, with the former trying to exploit the unification war for conquer Japan.

The story of Nioh 2 begins several years earlier, but ends after William's saga: in this case the protagonist is a samurai that we will have the task of creating from scratch, using a simple but a powerful editor, and boasting a dual nature as half man and half demon. His special abilities will come in handy in the bloody battle against the forces of evil.

As mentioned, both games have been remastered for the Nioh Collection, with graphics modes up to 120 fps, therefore able to guarantee unprecedented responsiveness and precision, and others that instead reduce fluidity in order to increase the resolution, the quality of the textures and polygonal models, as well as the effects.

Control Ultimate Edition

The announcement of the free next-gen upgrade reserved for the Ultimate Edition of Control (39.99 euros) and not the standard version of the game has sparked controversy, and so Sony has seen fit to cut the bull's head by including the game in the February line-up of PlayStation Plus, thus making it downloadable for free by subscribers at your service.

A great gift, if we consider the extraordinary quality of the action shooter by Remedy Entertainment, which in this edition not only includes the two expansions The Foundation and AWE, which increase significantly the duration of the experience is essential, but also and above all the graphic improvements expected from the debut of Control on next-gen platforms.

Specifically, the game allows you to switch at any time from the graphics mode, which runs at 1440p and 30fps with active ray tracing, in performance mode, which maintains the same resolution but eliminates ray tracing to deliver smooth and stable gameplay at 60fps. In the end it is the latter option that is the best to enjoy the excellent combat based on bullets and telekinetic powers.

Yes, because the protagonist of Control, Jesse Faden, is a girl with paranormal abilities: the only person who can take on the role of Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, the agency that controls the events of the altered world and that has seen its headquarters invaded by a mysterious creature coming from just the other dimension. br>

The other releases

Cyber ​​Shadow (19.99 euros) is the new action platform produced by Yacht Club Games, the authors of Shovel Knight, and catapults us into a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the world he was conquered by an evil scientist and his army of synthetic soldiers. At the command of the infallible ninja Shadow, our task will be to face the fearsome opponent in the streets of Mekacity, in the company of the robotic assistant L-Gion.

RIDE 4 (69.99 euros) brings the franchise of the Italian Milestone team on next-gen platforms with a technical upgrade that does not add content to the experience, in itself rather rich and full-bodied thanks to a very long and demanding career mode, but introduces dynamic 4K graphics and 60 fps: the best way to enhance the game's circuits and gameplay itself.

Latest episode of IO Interactive's World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3 (€ 69.99) does not disappoint, involving us in a series of new missions for the 'Agent 47 set in six different scenarios, never so extensive and detailed. As per tradition, the fulcrum of the experience is represented by the enormous freedom of action that is granted to us to identify our target from time to time, get closer to its position and eliminate it as cleanly as possible.

Finally, Destruction AllStars (free) is not for sale on PlayStation Store but you can download it for free only if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. It is a sort of homage to the classic Twisted Metal and Destruction Derby, with frenetic competitions in arena in which the winner is the one who can completely annihilate their opponents, even changing vehicles on the fly if necessary.

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