N26, Covid travel coverage on Metal and You cards

N26, Covid travel coverage on Metal and You cards
Even before the fear of contagion, the fears of having to cancel a flight that has already been paid for and on which it is no longer possible to claim rights are holding back reservations in recent weeks. The solution comes from N26, the payment card that to meet this type of need (especially in the business area) provides additional insurance.

Plus of this type were already available in advance - making it among the cards payment systems most appreciated in Italy, but in this proposal there is a specific answer to today's context: N26 customers will be offered insurance coverage to avoid finding themselves in difficulty when faced with this possible sudden problem (a full-blown contagion or even just one simple quarantine required).

N26 guarantees Covid travel coverage

Covid travel coverage is guaranteed for all N26 customers using one of the following cards:

N26 Metal, N26 Metal Business, N26 You , N26 Business You. To evaluate the characteristics and differences of all available cards, the details are here.

Coverage guarantees:

cancellation or interruption of your trip in case of illness, accident, health reasons or to undergo quarantine for COVID-19; health insurance in the event of sudden illness while traveling, even in the event that you are diagnosed with COVID-19. Emergency medical expenses for you and any person accompanying you are covered up to € 1,000,000. are you on the road and need immediate support? You have access to 24-hour telephone medical assistance, provided by Allianz Assistance. By vocation N26 intends to present itself as the ideal card to carry around when traveling, as a guarantor of free withdrawals, zero commissions and exclusive offers. Covid coverage completes this offer picture, reminding us that normality will be just behind the obstacle. Those who are thinking about their next business trip, or perhaps are planning the first post-pandemic evasion, have one more weapon to exploit.

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