Magic: The Gathering - Kaldheim, the most interesting decks

Magic: The Gathering - Kaldheim, the most interesting decks


We told you how Kaldheim was an expansion in continuity with Zendikar Rising at the level of the proposal. But the last few days have been very intense in terms of bans, with Wizards of the Coast once again having to go back to some of its choices to safeguard the correct and fair conduct of the games. Therefore, in the light of the latest events and what has been stated in our review, we offer you the most interesting decks to use on Magic: The Gathering Arena - Kaldheim.

Cosima Control Standard

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Kaldheim: the list of the Cosima Control deck Let's start with a deck that certainly has a fair number of unfavorable matchups within the current meta, especially with very solid decks such as Dimir Rogue. Those who love to play Control will surely find this deck fun, but let's say it right away: if you hope to be able to level up easily and without difficulty playing Control, this is the wrong destination for you. Cosima Control is a deck that will keep you entertained anyway. Cosima, Goddess of Travel, central card is an excellent Modal Double-Faced Card (CBM) and one of the funniest among those inserted in Kaldheim. The whole game revolves around her, counter spells, Typhoon of Sharks and the usual, classic, Ugin. Exile Cosima, play lands, and return her to the battlefield filled with + 1 / + 1 counters along with a large number of sharks.

God Inexorable Standard

Magic: The Gathering Arena- Kaldheim: the card list of the God Inexorable deck Speaking of very fun decks to use, we cannot fail to mention the God Inexorable that almost all uses the strongest cards inserted with the Kaldheim set starting from an archetype, that is the God creature cards. The deck is very expensive in terms of the number of Mythic and Rare copies required and above all there are much more performing ones with lower cost. The reason we put it in is simple: it's tremendously fun to use and when you win, you do it by annihilating your opponent. Like all combo decks, he clearly sees playing with the perfect hand or the right draw at the right time, but unlike many other 5Cs, God Inexorable has the ability to force some plays thanks to the CBM Esika and Kolvori and the In Search of Spell. Power. The goal is to be able to play the back of Esika and Koma as soon as possible, through the forcing indicated above, put pressure on the opponent and then finish him off with Vorinclex, Kogla and Polikranos. The alternative is to be able to play Tibalt Planeswalker in order to make the opponent quit rage. Guaranteed fun.

Golgari Elves Standard

Magic: The Gathering Arena - Kaldheim: the card list of the Golgari Elves deck One of the best performing decks in the current meta is certainly the Tribe Elf which finds several positions in Mono Green or Golgari (Black / Green) decks. What we want to offer you today is our personal version with which we reached Diamante quietly and with which we also challenged many members of the community in the recent Streamer Event dedicated to Kaldheim. The variant on the theme is the synergy triggered between the snow lands, the Boreal Dozer and the application of + 1 / + 1 counters. Playing this version with snow lands you will have one more way to increase the number of counters on your Elves. It goes without saying that the main combo is being able to play Vorinclex and Tyvar in order to immediately activate the third ability of the new Planeswalker and finish the opponent within a couple of turns. Great matchups against everyone, some difficulty against decks with a lot of removal. An alternative solution is to play the 64-card variant with the addition of two Cultivate and two Extinction Events.


Magic: The Gathering Arena: the card list of the Runestorm deck Close with one of the most absurd decks we have played in the last period, fun and incredibly performing. He has a couple of totally unfavorable matchups against Gruul Scute Bombs and Ultra Aggro Mono Reds with lots of removal, but he has the advantage of not suffering too much from Dimir Rogues. Runestorm is a deck that even with only 5 lands in the field will allow you to create theoretically infinite cycles of strengthening your creatures, then closing the opponent in a couple of turns. The objective is to use the Champion of Setessa and the Dragon of the Golden Bridge as a holding basin for your upgrades and the Transcendent Envoy as a discount on the cost of the Runes. Once these points are managed the rest is a continuous summoning of Runes to empower your creatures. The rest will be done by the intrinsic abilities of the cards that will double the power-ups and continue to create treasure tokens from which to get almost infinite mana.

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