Instagram considers blocking duplicates between posts and Stories

Instagram considers blocking duplicates between posts and Stories

The social network is experimenting with some users to block the re-sharing of posts in the Stories. And adds the "Recently Deleted" box

Photo by Chesnot / Getty Images) Instagram has only disabled for some users the ability to share posts from feed to Stories. This move is part of a test.

instagram users: I wish people stopped sharing so many feed posts to their Stories


- Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) January 29, 2021

Some users from “certain countries” have seen a notification banner appear informing them of the test and deactivation of the feature. According to an analysis, Instagram claims users want to see fewer posts shared in stories, despite it being a fairly common practice.

While the Menlo Park social network considers pruning some branches, Twitter has made tweet sharing available via stickers in Instagram Stories. Ironically, the users involved in the test, therefore, could find more posts in Instagram Stories from an external platform.

For some of you on iOS, we'll be testing sharing a Tweet as a sticker to Instagram too! Tap the Instagram icon in the Tweet share menu to add the Tweet as a sticker in a Story.

- Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) December 10, 2020

Recently deleted

Restore deleted posts on Instagram (image: Instagram) However, Instagram is also working on another feature that will allow you to restore deleted posts more easily. The feature is called Recently Deleted and will allow users to view all deleted content including photos, videos, Reels, Igtv and Stories, and restore them if necessary.

Deleted items will remain archived for 30 days and, if left untouched, will be automatically deleted. Except for Stories, which will remain in standby before final cancellation for only 24 hours.

To access the section, the user must access the Settings and press the Account item. Here, if activated, there will be the Recently Deleted folder.

This feature could be very useful in case of profile violation. If a malevolent actor manages to take over a profile by deleting all the contents, the rightful owner, after being back in possession, could simply restore the deleted posts and repair the damage in an instant. In fact, to permanently delete posts from the temporary folder, Instagram requires to verify that the author of the request is the actual owner of the account.

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