Fuel cunning: the MEF decides on cashback

Fuel cunning: the MEF decides on cashback
If you are looking for a solution against the "fuel crafty", those who spend hours at the petrol pump to score a myriad of microtransactions to reach the 1500 euro Super Cashback, the answer can only be one: Ministry of Economy and Finance. This element must be underlined in the light of the news of the last few hours, according to which checks are in place aimed at identifying those who have so far followed this path to accumulate credit in the race for wild transactions.

Yes are they really carrying out checks against cashback cunning? Most likely not, and the reason is that the problem lies in the original sin of poorly written rules.

It's up to the MEF

If there were controls, what kind of controls would they carry out , given that - to date - no offense has been raised against this type of - albeit reprehensible - practice? Once the rule has been made, the deception has been found: especially when the rule is poorly written and with obvious vulnus that now we must rush to correct. The current problem is that, while the entire parliamentary arc would agree to remedy this problem, there is no executive to put these decisions in hand. The current regency will certainly not undertake actions with a high media impact a few hours after the installation of a new government and so, while waiting for a new holder of the Department of Economy, the situation drags between a news story and a ' another, between a two-meter receipt and a transaction of a few cents.

Unlike what was initially assumed, where the hypothesis of artificial splitting of electronic payments referable to the same purchase from the same merchant was expressly prohibited, the rules currently in force are unable to prevent possible evasive behavior. It is a serious legal vulnerability which must urgently be remedied, following up on the remarks also formulated by the Council of State

Luca Squeri, Forza Italia

As hypothesized by some press organs which hypothesize immediate interventions, however, does not seem to be able to correspond to reality: PagoPA is not the entity in charge of controls, nor does it hold decision-making power on the Cashback project. Only a corrective intervention at the regulation level, so as to impose a different application of the transaction counts, can therefore really put an end to the problem and restore the goodness of the game.

Is the problem a real problem?

Let's start with a basic consideration: to win the 1500 euros you don't have to be first in the standings, but it is enough to be in the 100,000 position out of about 6 million Italians with an active cashback program. The "game" must therefore be played on the statistic according to which to win the coveted Super Cashback it is necessary to register just 1.6 transactions per day: a minimum quantity, such as to allow anyone to compete for the win. If a small minority has forced their hand to take the shortest route, not only are they participating out of the spirit of the game, but could possibly incur further verifications not so much on the basis of the transactions recorded on IO, but on the transactions that emerge from the individual systems. of payment used.

The clever ones make news (the cases of Trescore Cremasco, Caraglio and Nervesa della Battaglia are remembered in particular), but fortunately remain a small minority. A quick intervention by the new MEF once in office will erase these distortions and the competition will be healthy and fair again. We have already put forward 10 proposals available to the next Minister. The FIGISC has also moved, obtaining at least an informal commitment in this sense:

From the informal interlocutions I had with the Administration, it would seem that, being aware of the problem and in any case solicited by us, some initiative will be taken shortly. I hope that it will be as soon as possible, also because it penalizes those who behave correctly.

Bruno Bearzi, National President of FIGISC Confcommercio

In a game in which I am in 100,000 to win, the important thing is just to participate: in what has now become a Republic founded on the VAR, there will be time and a way later, eventually, to retrieve the documentation and evaluate how and if to intervene on border line situations .

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