Electric cars: Volkswagen ready to overtake Tesla, 2021 year of ID.3?

Electric cars: Volkswagen ready to overtake Tesla, 2021 year of ID.3?
From an automotive point of view, 2020 was the year of confirmation of the electric car. Europe, thanks to numerous purchase incentives and a very severe sanctions program, has overtaken China in number of registrations, becoming the first market in the world for electrified cars. Among the models that most convinced customers, Tesla Model 3 and Volkswagen ID.3.

If the first is now a certainty, there were many expectations on the second: the German giant has invested enormous resources to develop the its project of electrification of the vehicle range, and the first result should have ensured an important economic return. The result seems to have been achieved, so much so that in December the ID.3 was ranked among the best-selling vehicles in Europe.

Speaking of numbers, Volkswagen sold 56,937 ID.3s in 2020, while Tesla has reached the incredible (until recently ..) figure of 365,240 Model 3 registered. The difference is huge. But beware: Volkswagen only started marketing its electric car during the autumn, and it is only available in Europe while Model 3 is widespread all over the world. The Wolfsburg vehicle therefore quickly climbed the rankings, establishing itself as the surprise of the end of 2020 and, given the results achieved in a few months, it could confirm success also in 2021, approaching Tesla's numbers.

Volkswagen has a serious electric car development project: according to its CEO, the goal is to become the world's leading electric car manufacturer. The products to satisfy this ambition do not seem to be lacking: in a few months the new ID.4 will debut, which will also be marketed in China and the United States. The family will subsequently expand with ID.5 and ID.6. It should also be emphasized that Volkswagen is a large automotive group and that within it it can count on considerable skills and interpenetrations between the various brands.

The electric car has now become a concrete reality with which it is inevitable confront. Model 3 and (especially) ID.3, have attracted the interest of motorists in a few months, convincing them to choose an EV. A similar milestone was also achieved thanks to the numerous purchase incentives that allow significant savings once they reach the dealer. Given how 2020 ended, 2021 could really represent the year of the complete success of the electric car and between Tesla and Volkswagen, we will see some good ones.

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