Cyberpunk 2077: Five super weapons in a sci-fi role-playing game - tips on the locations

Cyberpunk 2077: Five super weapons in a sci-fi role-playing game - tips on the locations
Got the expensive Mantis Blades or Monowire for free in Cyberpunk 2077? Are you looking for a powerful sniper rifle? We offer you tips on five localities for unique weapons in sci-fi roleplaying games. In addition to the melee weapons mentioned above, you will also find Johnny Silverhand's ratchet or, with the Widowmaker, a kind of shotgun with which you can quickly and efficiently eliminate your opponents. In the YouTube video from Gameranx you can find five more items and one of the most expensive cars.

We have already revealed the location and the secret functionality of the speaking pistol Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077. Here you decide how the pistol works and whether you want to keep it or bring it back to its owner in a corresponding quest. For more guides on role-playing games, we recommend our overview of tips. In addition to help with the romances, you will also find cheats and worthwhile mods.

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Cyberpunk 2077 - 5 super weapons including locations

1 Malorian Arms 3516 - Johnny Silverhand's super ratchet 2 Mantis Blades & Monowire for free 3 Widowmaker - Top class shotgun 4 Lizzie - an iconic pistol 5 Overwatch - silent sniper rifle with night vision 6 Video: 10 iconic weapons and items in Cyberpunk 2077

Malorian Arms 3516 - Johnny Silverhands super ratchet

Already in the flashback in chapter 1 you can see Johnny and his boom in action. In order to unlock the pistol for V, you gamble until act 3. At the end of the side mission Chippin 'In you can get the pistol. You are taking revenge on the people who drove Johnny to his fate. You play the task until you get to a guy named Grayson. He's got Johnny's gun. Kill him and take the gun.

Mantis Blades & Monowire for free

The two iconic melee weapons are definitely fun. The Mantis Blades cost you a whopping 45,000 Eddies for a Ripperdoc and require a Street Cred of 20. To save the money, look at the map in the Corp Plaza northwest of the round building. You can find a Cyberpsycho Phantom of Night City here. The opponent at this point has it all. In a small side street near pink motorbikes you will find the Mantis Blades in a box on the wall that you can use immediately. The monowire also costs a lot of Eddies. In a garage in the Watson Area in Kabuki you will find the Monowire to the left of the entrance to the garage. You do a small job for a fixer in this building.

Widowmaker - Top-class shotgun

In the main mission Ghost Town (this is where you meet Panam Parker for the first time) you fight against Nash. Get rid of him and then be sure to collect the Widowmaker! The tech rifle is rechargeable and also deals chemical damage (poisoning). Basonders in run-and-gun situations with short to medium range, this type of shotgun is worth gold.

Lizzie - an iconic pistol

You will find one of the most powerful pistols in the game right away Beginning of Act 2 in the Lizzies. In the basement of Lizzie's bar, near where you first met Judy, you can find the gun on a box. You can pick yourself up anytime after you've completed Judy's story mission or when you return to Lizzies in Act 2. The gun also deals thermal damage and fires an extra projectile.

Overwatch - Silent sniper rifle with Night vision

The Overwatch sniper rifle offers not only a night vision device but also a custom silencer. The rifle has an enormous range and is suitable for duels against stronger opponents that you can do from a distance. You can find the Overwatch if you play Panam Parker's missions. You received a phone call for the Riders on the Storm mission. In the mission you save the character Saul and Panam gives you the gun at the end of the mission.

Video: 10 iconic weapons and items in Cyberpunk 2077

In the following video you can find among others an expensive sports car and

Johnny Silverhand's clothes and more. You can also find the locations for the weapons described above.

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