Bitcoin touches 50,000 dollars, a new record

Bitcoin touches 50,000 dollars, a new record

Bitcoin touches 50

Yet another new record for the value of Bitcoin, after the one recorded just a few days ago: the cryptocurrency reached the $ 50,000 ceiling, stopping shortly before at $ 49,716.44 (source CoinDesk).

1 BTC traded at $ 49,716.44: never so high

It happened yesterday, while tonight another crash as often happens after a sudden and important growth, so much so that it reached just over 46,300 dollars. At the time this article is written and published, BTC is trading at $ 47,563.58. Below is the graph that photographs the trend in the last 24 hours.

Let's extend the period examined to understand how significant the growth of Bitcoin has been over the last week. The 1.5 billion dollar investment announced by Tesla also pushed it, which caused many to turn up their noses due to issues related to sustainability.

Moving further away and considering the entire last month shows even more clearly how much the crypto has been subject to a strong increase in value.

Some say this is just the beginning, the first signs of an impending explosion: among those who have made forecasts of this type JPMorgan anticipating a surge up to 146,000 dollars and the CIO of Guggenheim Partners who even spoke of 600,000 dollars.

As always in these cases, we remind you that the purchase of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies constitutes an investment with a high risk of volatility as it could be found within a few hours to see the purchased package devalued. Before breaking the piggy bank and converting all your savings through one of the many exchanges available motivated by the desire for an immediate return, it is therefore better to think about it.

Source: CoinDesk

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