10 beautiful gadgets for a true Marvel fan | February 2021

10 beautiful gadgets for a true Marvel fan | February 2021
With the highly anticipated WandaVision series coming to Disney +, which every Friday is grabbing the attention of much of the network (and Marvel fans in general), it's obvious that our passion for the Marvel universe is more ardent than ever. ! Thanks to the beautiful series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even in the editorial office the excitement is skyrocketing and, as you can imagine, here too we are spending ourselves in a multitude of conjectures and discussions on what could be the future of the two Avengers, and of the MCU in general. Obviously, as a consequence of such a revamp, Marvel-themed gadgets and superheroes in general are back in vogue, of which, as you know by now, we are particularly greedy.

After the previous appointments dedicated to the Harry Potter brands and Star Wars (just to stay on the cinematic theme) we therefore decided to share with you our passion and our love for Marvel heroes with a rich roundup of themed items, rigorously designed to tickle the shopping hunger of all " True Believers "out there.

Read also: WandaVision: the preview of the first three episodes The choice of Marvel branded products is immense, however, too large to be collected within the digital pages of a single article , which is why we have set limits, trying to select only those products that, for one reason or another, really deserve to be part of the collection of any "marvel boy", be it in the early years or a granite reader of the pre-MCU times. The result? Only 10 products, 10 beautiful items that you cannot but wish from the bottom of your heart! So, are you ready? These are 10 beautiful gadgets for a true Marvel fan!

Marvel Gadgets

The Infinity Gauntlet Deadpool's Head Iron Man's Mug The Lego Quinjet Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Marvel Ingots Thor's Toolbox Geeki Tikis glasses Groot's vase The Spider-Man lamp

The Infinity Gauntlet

Simply one of the most beautiful things ever produced in the Marvel-themed “toy” field. The price is perhaps a little excessive, but do you want to add the satisfaction of holding the iconic Thanos Glove? Manufactured by Hasbro, the Infinity Gauntlet features electronic sounds and lights, as well as foldable fingers. A practical button on the back also allows you to block it with a closed fist, so as to expose it as it should. The glove is entirely made of plastic, but it is still very beautiful to look at and of great impact dimensions. Sure… you can't snap your fingers, but maybe it's for the best.

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Deadpool's head

An article really absurd, which arrived on the market last year and has already become one of the most sought after and purchased by fans! Produced by Hasbro for its Marvel Legends line (i.e. the one that includes high-end products), Deadpool's talking head is, as you might imagine, nothing more than a reproduction of the head of the well-known chatty mercenary, complete with a cloth mask, mouth movements and facial expressions! Generally sold for around 130 euros, this head has around 600 sounds and phrases (strictly in English) and is able to interact with the user through a special app. You can turn it off if necessary, or you can leave it on to ensure that DP autonomously brightens your days. Too bad there is also a Marvel Zombie version, but never say never!

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Stan Lee: The Wonder Man

A must-have book for Marvel fans! We are talking about "Stan Lee: The Man of Wonders", a comic book that Marvel Italia published in tribute to the legendary Stan "The Man" Lee, who unfortunately passed away in November 2018, leaving a huge void in fans all over the world. and unbridgeable. Although this is a volume that might seem like a mere commercial gimmick to ride the sentiment born of Lee's disappearance, "Stan Lee: The Wonder Man" is actually a collection in which the stories have been assembled with extraordinary knowledge of the facts. and thanks to which readers will be able to retrace the main stages of Stan's career as a comic book writer. It is true that important passages of Marvel history such as "This man or this monster?" or the even more obvious "The End of Spider-Man", but all in all it would have been impossible to really please every type of reader, and the courage perpetuated with some editorial choices, such as for the three short opening stories, dedicated to Lee of very early beginnings, however, manages to be appreciated. A great volume for any Marvel fan and collector!

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The Iron Man mug

A mug of rare beauty, as if very few in circulation ! We are not talking about the classic breakfast cup, but about a real reproduction (obviously in cup format) of the Iron Man helmet, complete with a "cap" that covers the upper part to complete the helmet on the skull cap. Manufactured by ABYstyle, this 400ml ceramic mug is even heat-reactive, causing Iron Man's eyes to “light up” whenever he fills the cup with hot drinks, causing his eye color to change from black to white. It may not be the most comfortable mug to have breakfast with, but it certainly is the one that no Marvel fan would want to miss at home!

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Gold bars

Today we are more than used to juggling gadgets and memorabilia of various kinds, even if on balance it is not always easy to distinguish between what may have value and junk. Will an action figure gain or lose value over time? Is that collector edition really worth it? That video game sold today for 180 euros, will it be worth 300 or 50 tomorrow? Sometimes the perspective is clear, sometimes not. But do you know what always has a value despite the time? It is not the comic book paper, nor the plastic of the statuettes but ... gold. Now, you might say, what does gold have to do with Marvel collecting? Little or nothing if it weren't for the Impacto Collection, an American company specializing in numismatics that, for some time, has enjoyed offering coins and bars with 24k gold plating, dedicated to the world of Marvel (and Star Wars). Now, mind you, you will not carry out your life by buying these bars, but they are not only objects of an extraordinary workmanship, but also an extravagant, refined and absolutely collectible product! On the other hand, a single bar costs about 30 euros, and in itself is still more valuable than most of the plastic junk on the market.

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Lego Quinjet

Don't want to, but it was really impossible not to opt for the inclusion of a Lego set in this list. The choice was immense, and we could have opted for the well-known Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition but, frankly, we chose to opt for something equally satisfying but less obvious. So, given that if you say Marvel, today like today, you say Avengers, the choice could only fall on the beautiful set dedicated to Quinjet, or the technological means of air transport supplied to the supergroup of heroes and seen several times also in the various films of the MCU. Why Quinjet? Because it is a truly beautiful set, as well as one of the largest ever produced for the Marvel universe which, as often happens, will make it very valuable in the years to come, especially when Lego decides to stop production. After all, today this set is around 80 euros (set # 76126), but a quick comparison with the previous set dedicated to the aircraft (set # 76032 of the Marvel Super Heroes line), now out of production, is enough. to realize the difference in price: the second costs almost double! In short, a set that you will buy today, and that in a couple of years will quickly begin its climb to the top of the Lego collectors' market! A must buy!

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Thor's toolbox

If you're a hammer-wielding god, you'll almost certainly be a DIY ace too … perhaps. Inspired by the Asgardian passion for carpentry, this toolbox takes the shape of the mythical hammer Mjolnir by putting an object of immense beauty in your hands. With Thor's toolbox you will find yourself doing the same boring housework as before, but now with more style and more elegance. Do not underestimate the details such as the hammer included in the set which, in fact, also constitutes the "handle" of the box itself. Because in Asgard they do everything right, even the merchandising!

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Geeki Tikis glasses

Maybe the name“ Geeki Tikis ”will not give you much, but believe it or not we are talking about a series of products of immense popularity on American soil. It is basically a series of ceramic glasses, made under license and artfully, following the “tiki” model. The tikis are nothing more than statues typical of Hawaiian culture, similar to Indian totems. Their "tribal" features are often used to carve colorful wooden glasses and, thanks to tourism, they have become somewhat synonymous with cocktails on the beach. Geeki Tikis takes up the culture of Hawaiian-style glasses and combines them with the characters of the nerd culture. Marvel heroes, of course, couldn't be outdone.

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Baby Groot vase

Undeniably Groot, baby or not, has become one of the most beloved and emblematic characters of the latest Marvel course. It may be because of his good-natured appearance, his courtly glossary, or perhaps simply because of our love for nature, the fact is that Groot soon became an icon. What better way, then, to celebrate Groot and our tree-hugging passion than through this curious themed vase? Probably none. The vase is made of non-toxic PVC, and is about 15 cm high. The quality of the details is excellent, and it is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a product that is so popular that it is full of counterfeits online, so watch out which one you buy!

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Spidey's lamp

An article as simple as it is beautiful to display: this lamp produced under license by the always excellent Paladone , is proposed in the form of a small diorama, including a New York street lamp, a fire hydrant, and a Spider-Man in plastic pose, portrayed in his classic blue and red costume. By activating it (via a dimmable switch cleverly hidden on the hydrant), the light is emitted directly from the street lamp, with an incredible result. 33 cm high, takes up a space of about 17 cm and is powered by cable. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful themed lamps that have ever been seen, with all due respect also of the most famous Star Wars line produced by the same house. Unmissable!

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