Webcam and privacy? Solve the problem with 4.99 euros

Webcam and privacy? Solve the problem with 4.99 euros
Especially in these months of video calls and smart working, a problem has arisen for those who spend their days in front of the screen: often right above the screen there is a webcam aimed at us, without any shelter other than the "Guarantee" of deactivation linked to the functionality of the video calling software. The cases in which this mechanism has proved to be deceptive, however, multiply and dot the news with the most disparate cases: from the manager to the student, from the politician to the journalist, filmed and recorded at inopportune moments while they thought they were totally safe. br>
There are various solutions to this problem, here are some.

Webcam and privacy: two offers to solve the problem

The first is that of a webcam able to natively offer a lens obscuring system, such that it is possible to create a physical barrier between oneself and the optical sensor. Once "closed" to the webcam there is no hacker and there is no forgetfulness that holds up: it is clearly obscured, without any risk. A similar model is on offer right now at a price of 35.39 euros (-40%).

Spedal Full HD Webcam

With just 4.99 euros (thanks to 29% of discount), on the other hand, it is possible to own six very simple lens caps, whose application is linked to a simple rear adhesive that allows its application both on webcam and on laptop, up to tablet or even smartphone. The dimensions are just 9x18mm and the package brings together four black and two white lens caps, for every taste and need.

Adhesive lens cover

In both cases the goal is achieved: to have the full guarantee of being able to be seen remotely when you want, or not to be seen when you don't want it. In the first case, the problem is solved at the root, by adopting a webcam that includes the same lens cover now also available on all new Echo Show devices equipped with a video camera; in the second case, on the other hand, a few euros are enough to solve the problem even on webcams already in use, or on your laptop / tablet.

Security is sometimes worth a lot and costs very little.

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