Visa, news for the Fintech Fast Track program

Visa, news for the Fintech Fast Track program
Digital, contactless and online payments are now in daily use for consumers and merchants, driven also (and not only) by initiatives such as the State Cashback that encourage the abandonment of cash. Visa is well aware of this and today announces an expansion of the Fintech Fast Track program.

Fintech Fast Track: Partner Toolkit and Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers

It is enriched with new components : a Partner Toolkit designed to help companies accelerate their growth by better responding to customer needs and the Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers certification program that makes it easy for companies to connect with certified partners for digital issuance and other key services. These are the words of Jana Lvova, Visa's Head of Fintech Europe, commenting on the global growth of 360% registered by participating in Fintech Fast Track in the last year.

It is exciting to see Fintech partners using ours programs and our network to digitize financial services and improve the lives of the consumers and businesses they support. Through the Fast Track program, we provide Fintechs with a simple toolkit to help them develop their products. The resources we provide, such as online licensing and card design, have made Fast Track the leading Fintech program.

In detail, the Partner Toolkit provides access to Visa experts on topics such as strategy, marketing, design, risk management and more. It allows the use of educational resources such as payment boot camps and key strategic resources to carry out customized benchmarking studies. The Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers certification is instead designed to help technology companies produce and launch payment solutions that meet Visa's global standards for security and functionality.

Staying on the subject, in November the group introduced Fintech Partner Connect, an initiative aimed at financial institutions and merchants across Europe with a suite of solutions based on both the Visa portfolio and that of selected partners.

Source: Visa

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