Visa expands Fintech Fast Track in Europe

Visa expands Fintech Fast Track in Europe
Consumers and merchants across the continent are increasingly relying on contactless, mobile and online payments for their daily purchases. With the move to digital, fintechs play an important role in developing new safe ways for consumers and merchants to pay and get paid.

To provide greater support to the fintech ecosystem, Visa today announced new components of its Fast Track fintech program.

Leading fintech companies around the world are increasingly choosing to work together with Visa in key sectors such as digital wallets, digital banking, "Buy Now, Pay Later" , B2B payments, cross-border transactions, invoice payments, payment infrastructure and person-to-person payments.

With the expansion of Visa Fast Track, fintechs are equipped with all the tools needed to digitize their business. Participation in the program has grown 360% globally over the previous year and Visa has welcomed hundreds of companies actively involved in the initiative.

«It is exciting to see fintech partners use our programs and network to digitize financial services and improve the lives of consumers and the companies they support "commented Jana Lvova, Head of Fintech Europe at Visa.

" Through the Fast Track program, we provide fintechs with a simple toolkit to help them develop their products. The resources we provide, such as online licensing and card design, have made Fast Track the leading fintech program. ”

Visa has developed the Fast Track Partner Toolkit exclusively for fintech partners who join the program . The toolkit was created to accelerate business growth and provide access to Visa experts in strategy, marketing, engineering, risk management and more.

Through the toolkit, partners can take advantage of educational resources such as payment boot camps to enhance their industry knowledge, draw on key strategic resources to carry out customized benchmarking studies, and use card design tools. Visa Online to Help Quickly Create and Launch a Card to Market. Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers certification is designed to help technology companies produce and launch payment solutions that meet Visa's global standards in safety and functionality.

These companies, in turn, assist fintech companies around the world in making products, providing them with the solutions and skills they need to become operational.

Today available, Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers includes a certified ecosystem of partners specialized in the skills that fintechs need to launch and manage Effectively publish products on the Visa network. Recently, the Visa Ready program has involved new partners operating in Europe.

The enhancement of the program follows the launch of Fintech Partner Connect, a new initiative that provides financial institutions and merchants in Europe with a suite of solutions that combine Visa's platforms with those of select fintech partners.

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