Videoconferencing, a microphone to begin with

Videoconferencing, a microphone to begin with
Not only will the coming months still require smart working, but the return to operations will also require some reorganizations by virtue of colleagues who will start collaborating from home in a more structural way. This pandemic year has in fact introduced videoconferencing in a much more widespread way in all companies because the distancing has imposed meetings in new ways. Where there has not yet been organized for a mixed mode between colleagues in presence and remote colleagues, the introduction of an omnidirectional microphone will soon become a strict necessity.

It is useless to think that it is enough to start the video call by entrusting the microphone of an improvised laptop the burden of capturing the ambient audio: just the ticking of a pencil on the paper or the fingers on the keyboard will completely ruin the remote listening. In order to bring everyone's mouths and ears closer, you will need a dedicated tool, which in the entry level version can cost only a few euros. Today, on offer on Amazon for a few hours, there is for example a conference microphone with condenser: 30% discount, total price of 24.37 euros.

Who at home, who in the office

When the videoconference is conducted entirely remotely, each from their own workstation, the audio is captured by the equipment of the individuals and managed on the software side by the system used for the connection; when everyone is in the office, it will be enough to keep the distance and ensure the ventilation of the room; when the modality is mixed, however, the complications can be much more burdensome and without a reorganization of the tools it becomes complex to fully understand the contribution of each one.

Starting with a small microphone for a few euros can make a great leap in the team's listening experience, after which a more professional equipment is clearly recommended in perspective, with an investment that will however increase to different figures. Before investing, however, it may be useful to understand what changes and how we can organize ourselves in the available spaces: taking advantage of the immediate opportunity, in short, becomes a gym to understand what the upcoming meetings will be like.

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