TOHU: Beautiful and creative point and click! - test

TOHU: Beautiful and creative point and click! - test
In the uniquely drawn point & click adventure Tohu we play the girl ... well, we don't have a name, everyone just calls us "the little girl". However, we can also transform ourselves into a big, strong robot with the help of our special hair ornament, a white cube. Since both have their own skills, our two protagonists can solve a lot of different puzzles in this way.

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1 Dive into the world of fish! 2 Oh you holy machine! 3 Point & Schick!

Dive into the fish world!

In Tohu we are not on our planet earth, but we travel to different fish planets. What should a fish planet be? Giant fish on which life has arisen, flying around in the universe of the game ...? Swim? In any case, they exist. The entire game world is built up just as crazy as this idea seems. Almost everything is not as good as we are used to on earth. Often living beings are a mixture of object and creature, and it is not uncommon for us to find completely new animals and almost everything has a face or at least eyes. Even The Hills have eyes! In addition, a lot in the game universe is operated by steam engines or improvised technology, which is strongly reminiscent of the steampunk genre.

Recommended editorial content Here you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. Many of the creative locals made us smile because they often appear unexpectedly or are simply drawn in a cute and funny way. But not only the creatures are full of fantasy, but also the fish world itself. Most of the “planets” floating around in the galaxy have their own mechanisms that reveal themselves as we discover them. For example, on a world there is a clock on which we can turn the time back and forth and depending on what time we are in, the world and its population look completely different.

The characters we meet do not have a classic setting, but communicate using incomprehensible gibberish that always fits the respective character. So we read the dialogues with the people in speech bubbles. Just like the worlds and their "animals", these are always unique in appearance and personality. Whether it's a confused scientist or an old man who wants to make a kite out of his lizard, the characters are guaranteed to stay in our memories!

Oh you holy machine!

Here is one of the puzzles where we have to use the environment together with the characters to free the poor inhabitants. Source: PC Games The various underwater creatures ... or in this case, surface creatures? Well, let's just call them fish planets ... anyway, let's visit because a mean little crook in a black robe has destroyed our precious, sacred machine. We will learn what this is all about in the course of the game, but the only important thing at this point is: we have to repair our sanctuary! To get the tools we need, we travel to the different planets. Once on this one, we encounter different obstacles every time. On our first visit we want to visit our old friend, a confused scientist. However, he seems a little too confused to be able to remember us. So to let him know who we are, we have to go into his workshop and find a picture of him and the little girl. However, this is easier said than done.

Not only did the old Kautz built in some hidden mechanisms as precautionary measures, but sheer muscle strength is also required. Fortunately, we can transform ourselves into the strong robot Cubus, who can handle the tests of strength with ease. The interaction of the two main characters is used again and again. While our strong counterpart takes care of the rather rougher work, as little girls we climb onto various objects and talk to the locals. However, the core of the gameplay does not consist of lifting things up and climbing, but of solving puzzles in the best point & click manner. These range from "Oh, that's it?" To "Oh my god, is the game that difficult or am I just stupid !?". Depending on how stupid or clever we are, we can grit our teeth at puzzles or look casually at the world, while our brain is hardly used. In addition, it should be said: the adventure also runs with the mouse pointer on the Nintendo Switch and other consoles, which after a short period of familiarization does not bother us at all.

Point & Schick!

This old man is not happy with his little lizard, so we try to turn it into a real dragon. Source: PC Games Even if the tasks here and there are not particularly tricky, they are almost always meaningfully implemented in the game world and around the characters. Whether we are helping our old friend with his memory or have to sneak into the warehouse of a greedy trader, the quests are always entertaining and, thanks to the creative presentation, never boring. The accompanying music isn't bad either. Although it is not particularly noticeable, it always underlines the cute atmosphere.

Anyone who likes a little puzzle fun, wants to dive into a strange world and wants to help themselves at the meager point & click market will surely have a few wonderful hours with Tohu

Tohu will be released on January 28th for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

My opinion

By Yannik Cunha

Author I hate puzzles, but I could still enjoy the presentation! I'm really not known as a puzzle master. Due to my lack of patience, a puzzle quickly becomes a personal ordeal if I have to sit on it for too long. That doesn't necessarily help the matter resolve any faster. Nevertheless, I was able to enjoy the Tohu for the most part, because the presentation of the game is so incredibly unique and beautiful that the world was quickly able to cast its spell over me. Most of the puzzles are not really difficult, and if the admittedly very short thread of patience broke, I could get a hint via the main menu. So I could enjoy the creative fish world without getting angry. For me Tohu is a wonderful museum, connected with puzzles that I have to solve in order to see more of the works of art. Tohu (PC) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Nice presentation Creative puzzles Unique game world Logical puzzles, which are appropriately implemented Nice interaction between Cubus and the girl Sometimes for genre fans a very simple puzzle story is not moving or very interesting More pros & cons ... Conclusion The unique game world contributes significantly to the fun of the game. In addition, there are puzzles of medium difficulty that are sensibly implemented.

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