#RestoreTheSnyderVerse - begins the new fan battle?

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse - begins the new fan battle?
In recent days the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse has begun to circulate with increasing insistence on social networks thanks to the fans of director Zack Snyder who after saving Justice League, "forcing" Warner Bros. after years to grant the director the opportunity to complete his version of the film, they would now embark on a new crusade to save the director's entire project for DC characters which included at least one other Justice League movie and several spin-offs for a total of 5 "chapters".

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse: Zack Snyder out of DC Films' future plans?

The battle would have started following the statements a few days ago by Walter Hamada, president of DC Films, who, speaking with The New York Times, did not hint at any further plans in store for Zack Snyder.

The author of the interview pointed out in a comment following one of Hamada's answers that:

At least for the moment Zack Snyder is not part of DC Films' plans, Hamada has described his Justice League Snyder Cut as a project that from a narrative point of view turns out to be a dead end and has no development.

These statements immediately alerted the fans sure they could repeat the success of the media campaign relating to Justice League.

We remember that Walter Hamada had revealed, in the same interview, the new strategy linked to DC films with plans to release at least 6 films per year starting in 2022.

Justice League Snyder Cut, the latest trailer

Lo last November 17, Zack Snyder had released a new trailer of Justice League Snyder Cut.

Here it is:

We remember that Justice League Snyder Cut should arrive in March 2021, a date yet to be officially confirmed, and Zack Snyder proceeds quickly in his work of "restoration" of his film, work that also passes from the soundtrack.

Justice Leagus vs Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League should ideally have closed the first phase of the DCEU which started already under the criticism, in the opinion of who writes undeserved and unjustified, to Man of Steel then exploded with that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which it was evident how the pressure of the race to standardize the DC films to those of the competition whose project was diametrically opposed to that evidently conceived by the director.

Justice League was one of the most controversial cine-comics, not to mention one of the most controversial films of the last 20 years, so much so that its realization could be compared to one of the great masterpieces of American cinema or Gone with the Wind this because the two films were united by a troubled production that, between unhappy actors and additional shots costing millions of dollars, culminated in the removal of Zack Snyder from directing, which took place concurrently omitance with a very serious family mourning, and the arrival of Joss Whedon who, in an attempt to repeat the success of Avengers, completed an unripe film that managed to hardly achieve its purpose: to close the Snyder era.

Con the sunset of the DCEU and the birth of the Worlds of DC, however, the fan base of Zack Snyder has always remained very vocal, recording in its ranks also the protagonists of the film but also unsuspected professionals from the world of cinema and comics who evidently had perceived the need to give the director a chance first of all from an artistic point of view to show his work as originally conceived.

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