PlayStation Now, January 2021

PlayStation Now, January 2021
PlayStation Now updates in January 2021 with four new PS4 games, as part of a selection that we certainly found varied and of good quality, but which could disappoint those who expected something more important from the first update of the new year. br>
The titles that enter the streaming platform catalog are in fact the excellent BioShock: The Collection, the arcade driving game The Crew 2, the ruthless post-apocalyptic survival Frostpunk and the sci-fi simulation Surviving Mars.

BioShock: The Collection

The extraordinary saga created by Irrational Games has been enclosed in a single package with BioShock: The Collection, a remaster that includes the original BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite and all their DLCs. Games of undoubted charm, capable of involving us in a disturbing adventure that takes place first in the depths of the sea and then above, among the clouds.

In the first two chapters of BioShock we will visit Rapture, a disturbing submerged city created by a philanthropist eager to build a place where the brightest minds in the world could coexist and carry out their projects without limitation. This was before something went decidedly wrong and Rapture became a den of mutants, maniacs and menacing Big Daddies.

In BioShock Infinite we will instead explore the flying city of Columbia, also a place imagined for the elites but soon revealed itself a dictatorship held together by rigid rules applied with violence by its governor. Our task? Find and free a mysterious girl who appears to have special abilities.

Immersed in a mix of shooter mechanics, superhuman powers, upgradeable weapons and tough enemies, we will be able to breathe the incredible atmosphere of a saga that still boasts many fans today and that it would be fantastic to see in action with a new chapter on platforms next-gen.

The Crew 2

The second episode of the Ubisoft series, The Crew 2, tries to focus on the spectacular, giving players absolute freedom of action and giving them the possibility of switch at any time from cars to motorbikes, from motorboats to planes, as part of fast and frenetic races, which take place within a particularly large open world.

From the Rocky Mountains to the streets of New York City, from the rocks of the Grand Canyon to the banks of the Mississippi, the arcade racer of the French house will offer us a long and full-bodied career, made up of crazy events that we can face alone or taking advantage of the mul tiplayer online.


After the ruthless and touching This War of Mine, 11 bit studios is back to grapple with survival, this time trying to explore the narrative facets of a post-apocalyptic scenario, a world destined to die out due to the freezing cold. In Frostpunk we will have to lead a group of desperate people in search of a new home, and finding it will not be easy.

Catapulted into an alternate nineteenth century, we will have the task of creating an outpost near a possible source of heat, organize the group by coordinating the actions of its members, face dramatic unexpected events and make difficult decisions to ensure our survival.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars, the sci-fi simulator from Haemimont Games, us brings to Mars with a specific purpose: to explore the planet, discover its secrets and work to establish solid colonies. From food to water, from oxygen to services, we will have to provide the new inhabitants with everything they need to be able to live and thrive in an inevitably hostile environment.

The originality of the setting influences in a positive way the gameplay, which in some ways distances itself from traditional simulations without neglecting aspects such as scientific research and obtaining resources, both vital for the development of the colonies and to cope with any accidents along the way.

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