Google Play Points lands in Italy, here is the new cashback service for Android

Google Play Points lands in Italy, here is the new cashback service for Android
The Mountain View giant brings its new service dedicated to prize competitions called Google Play Points to Italy and other European countries. All you need is an Android smartphone and any user can participate, trying to earn points or prizes in a simple move, that is to buy new applications from the Play Store directly through their smartphone. A possibility already known to users of other countries in the world and which now extends to our country as well.

We could define it as a sort of "cashback" for Android considering that any purchase made inside is taken into consideration of the virtual platform dedicated to apps for devices with a software version of the green robot on board.

Among the possibilities given to the user are those of earning points through the purchase of digital content, or through articles present within the apps and finally through the download of applications from the Google Play Store. The points can be used to get discount coupons, to buy the items that appear in the apps we use or to get credit to spend in the Play Store.

That's not all because it is You can also access various benefits and get rewards as you reach the different levels. It should be noted that the content that can be purchased and the points obtained vary from country to country and may differ from each other, which is why we recommend that you take into consideration the information in the Italian store.

More specifically, users can earn 1 point for every € 1 spent on Google Play and only after registering and during the first week it is possible to access a welcome offer that allows you to obtain the value of the points acquired for each purchase tripled by three times. Once a certain number of points have been reached during the year, it will be possible to level up and this will allow users to earn more points and consequently other advantages, in fact the more you climb the levels and the more points available will increase.

As we said, the first necessary rule is that of registration, with the process being very simple. First you must be resident in Italy, have a PC or Android device compatible with Google Play. The US company wanted to make it easier for everyone by publishing a list with compatible devices.

It is then necessary to have a Google account, not subject to the management of a school or a parent, but personal and with access to the Store. A valid payment method must be present and a valid billing address must be entered, ie present within your country.

Much more simply all those who decide to join the new company program can do so by logging in to your smartphone, by opening the Play Store app, on the main menu click on the three horizontal lines at the top on the left, click on the Play Points item and finally press the Join button. We have already tried it and the service is already fully functional and it is possible to start accumulating points right now.

Another very interesting option is the possibility to access the program also through the Desktop mode, through a procedure very simple. For those wishing to take advantage of this mode, they can access the site through their computer, in the menu on the left click on the Play Points item and finally on Join, from this moment on you can start having fun with the new functionality offered by Google.

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