Google Messages will stop working on some devices, here's what!

Google Messages will stop working on some devices, here's what!
Google Messages is one of the most popular apps among those made by Google and many users use it daily, perhaps without even realizing it, probably because it is pre-installed on many devices, especially on Android Stocks. Most of them use it with satisfaction, at least by reading the average score obtained in the Play Store, and in very few cases it is replaced by other similar apps.

Google Messages One of these cases could be certainly related to the fact that some smartphones could no longer support it in a short time. In fact, in the code of the 7.2 beta version of Google Messages, the company would have foreseen the possibility of no longer making the messaging app available on all those devices that have not received the certification and therefore do not reach consumers with pre-installed Google app, including Google Messages. Analyzing more specifically an APK string it is possible to notice the following words: "Starting from March 31st, Messages will stop working on non-certified devices, including this one".

The message leaves no room for interpretation and the Messages app will stop working on non-certified Android devices starting March 31, 2021, unless you turn around. Non-certified Android devices are those devices that run Android but have skipped or failed the official certification process required by Google for its mobile services. This usually happens with little-known Chinese smartphones and unfortunately, following the now too well-known events, even on Huawei devices without Google Mobile Services and with HMS.

Huawei Mobile Services This kind of device does not come with Google apps on board, but the vendors of these devices usually provide advice on how to install them without too much difficulty and thus have the entire suite of applications of the Mountain View house. Given the premises, for those who find themselves faced with a similar problem it should be quite simple, in almost all cases, to be able to transfer the messages present on the Google app to other platforms and this would prevent them from losing their conversations.

But soon there will be changes and those who have a non-certified Android device, the app will stop working and it will not be possible in these cases to transfer their chats, as they could be compromised. For those who have a smartphone without Google certification, the advice is to immediately switch to another app to avoid problems in the next few weeks or if you want to continue using the Messages app you will necessarily have to buy a device. certified.

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